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I'll be away from the computer for a couple weeks, so comment approval and replies will be delayed a spell (ba dum tss). But don't worry! There's fresh cookies on the counter and milk in the fridge. Make yourself comfortable, and I'll see you when I return! =D Happy Casting! ♥

Elemental Magick (Use What the Good Goddess Gave you!)

So we bought the cat an RV...

That's how I like to start this story, mostly because it's true. Our furry feline child was our biggest concern when on the prowl for a used RV. I mean, I have books stuffed in the microwave (fact) and my husband sleeps in the shower (not fact), but by god the cat has floor space!

...I promise this will be short, and I swear I have a point! 

After far too many reluctant years in the desert (due to my husband's career, wherein we had no say in where we lived), we are finally free to return to green grass and wise trees and ocean tides and rain and butterflies and f-ing unicorns, because we are leaving the Southwest!

Gone, witches! G.O.N.E.

Sometimes the stars beautifully align and there's a small window of precious opportunity just screaming to be noticed. This is one of those times. I always envision perfectly-timed circumstances to look something like that mechanism from 13 Ghosts. You have a short fraction of a second to jump through the hoops while they lay flat, otherwise you'll be torn to shreds by the gears.

Kind of an odd way to look at life, hm?

Warped mind aside, we had this perfect alignment of opportunities that allow us to travel the country for a year. It was fortuitous and we are deeply grateful. But we also worked REALLY hard to get ourselves in the financial position to do so. As I was once told, "The important things in life rarely come easily." That's okay; hard work builds character and gratitude.

So we are off to chase the rain, my friends! And I'll be sharing our nature-steeped adventures on Facebook (and here, of course) as we hike throughout this beautiful country, reconnecting with nature, discovering incredible places (like Hoh Forest!), and drinking an irresponsible amount of coffee. So make sure to follow me! And, of course, check back on this blog because it will continue to be updated with loads of spell-tastic material while we're on the road!

Did this broad really just say "spell-tastic"? 

*Mumbles to self* I knew it was wrong as I was typing it.

...I hang my head in shame.

Side note, did you know Teddy Roosevelt lost his mother and wife on the SAME day? To heal this terrible heartache he immersed himself in nature, which (along with the strong influence from naturalist John Muir) is how we came to have our wonderful National Parks Service today! Nature is unquestionably a place of healing, and my husband and I are very grateful to be able to do a little spiritual sprucing amongst Mother Nature's fertile splendor.  

To celebrate our return to the trees, I created a quick reference guide entitled Elemental Magick. While this printable PDF is by no means exhaustive (because that would be an entire book!), it is an easy reference to help you cast and conjure entirely from natural (thus free!) spell supplies. Use it like an encyclopedia and craft your spells based on the desired qualities found within each natural entity.  

This free PDF download was inspired by conversations with a lovely reader named Gea, a single mother doing her very best to raise a mini witch with all the love and respect she holds for nature. As the Penniless Pagan motto goes, worshipping nature shouldn't cost you a dime! Embracing your spirituality and casting a totally kick-ass spell is entirely possible without the use of expensive crystals and cauldrons (though those are a fun indulgence!). This guide will help you get started on your path to completely free witchcraft! And please don't forget the two most important tools you will ever use for magick are your hands (to direct and concentrate energy) and your mind (to visualize your manifestation). See, you are your own little spell kit. ♥

Print a copy of Elemental Magick to paste into your Book of Shadows. Or keep a copy on your phone for when inspiration strikes. Just make sure to notate your own personal associations with each ingredient as they reveal themselves to you!

Transcribed from my own personal Book of Shadows, I sincerely hope you enjoy Elemental Magick. It's my gift to you, a token of appreciation for your readership. Have I mentioned lately that you guys are awesome?! =D

...And so are trees. Which is where I'll be if you need me. But don't worry! I have plenty of blog posts yet to come, so make sure to check back for new spells and rituals every month! 

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some rain to catch up on. ;)

Looking for more low-cost ways to cast and conjure? Check out By the Light of the Moon and Samhain Traditions. Each purchase helps keep the blog alive and supplied, so thank you! ♥

What's your favorite cost-free spell supply? Do you prefer completely natural spells or spells that include fun items like crystals and candles?

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