How to Celebrate Leap Day

This year is a Leap Year, which means more time to get shit done! In fact, I’m sooooo busy getting stuff done—practicing daily yoga, writing countless books, cooking savory yet nutritious meals all with glowing hair and flawless skin—that I’m going to get right to my point.

Well, two points. #1: that was total sarcasm. I’m writing this in sweatpants and a hoodie. If I’m home, just know I’m in sweats, mmmkay?

Point #2: I’ve never understood the whole Leap Year thing. There, I said it! Even as a child I couldn’t understand the excitement. Fortunately, as an adult, I know *slightly* more. Mostly how to drive a car and make a mean cup of coffee.

…I’m just kidding. I’m from New England. I’ve been making killer coffee since I was thirteen.

I promised to get to my point swiftly, so no more dilly dallying! As an adult with endless responsibilities and deadlines and traffic and grocery shopping and side hustle, side hustle, dear God with the motherf-ing side hustles— why should one more day of busyness get you amped? Isn’t it really just one more day delaying us from what we’re all actually looking forward to?

I’m talking Samhain, folks! ;)

With Leap Day a few weeks off, I invite you to do something a little crazy, to buck the glorified busyness of our society, to live reckless.

I implore you to take this extra day as just that—a free day to do whatever YOU want.

Now, I get it. You’re probably not so reckless as to call out of work. Maybe you are. That’s my kind of crazy! ;) But even if you’re sane responsible, you have an entire evening to indulge in a little extra peace. Give yourself the gift of extra self-care. Maybe cue up some yoga on YouTube. Order out for dinner. Perhaps you can hire a babysitter and take that much needed date night. Set aside two blissful hours for reading in silence. Brew a decadent cup of tea and read tarot. Meditate. Wrap up in a cozy scarf and take a nature walk with your favorite person. Have a make-your-own pizza night with the kiddos. Go to bed at 7:30.

Don’t laugh. It’s kind of awesome.

Whatever it is that you need right now, do what you can to gift yourself a few extra moments. Because that to-do list will never stop piling on. And since we’re only talking about one measly day every four flipping years, I think you can go the extra mile for this one. Come on, girl! Get in those sweatpants. You know you want to! ;)

How will you be spending your extra day this year?

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Radical Sabbatical (AKA Retreating to Nature for a Creativity Refuel!)

Have you ever felt the need to do something crazy, something that sounds totally bat guano nuts but you know you need to do it?

Well, I’m about to do that. 

I’ll be taking the rest of the year off, which probably sounds crackers (the cheddar bunny kind) considering it’s only September. I ask you to trust me. =D  I will return, not just to the blog but to a whole mess of ideas I’ve been squirreling away for years. But I need the energy to share said ideas with you. And right now this witch is all out of zing. 

...A metric butt ton of life changes and moving clear across the country can do that to a gal. =/

The blog is well stocked, so take a look around while I’m on my radical sabbatical. If you’re hankering for even more simple magick, treat yourself to one of my spell books! Each and every sale makes me do a happy dance as well as supports the blog, so THANK YOU! =D  

I hope you can understand the need to replenish the creative coffers; wells simply aren’t bottomless! =/ I’m genuinely grateful for your readership and so very excited to share these new ideas with you in a few months.  

If you’ve been feeling a little fatigued yourself, I encourage you to make self-care a priority. This looks different for everyone, but if you pay attention to the gentle whispers of your soul, the answers are there. Sometimes the answers are extreme and make us feel nervous and uncomfortable, like taking time off from a blog you genuinely love! But I encourage you to trust that inner voice, because it will not lead you astray.

Be well, my friends! Thank you for your understanding. And I’m SO excited to share a new chapter of goodies with you in the coming year! ♥♥♥

Happy Casting,

30 Days of Magick: Summer Edition!

Did you know in Chinese Medicine late summer is considered the fifth season? That’s right, my friends. Somehow we’re already on the descent of summer. Landing gear is out and drink trays are up, but it’s not quite time to stow your beach balls in the overhead compartments just yet. 

The magick of late summer is a special blend of wondrousness, which makes it the perfect time to reclaim your magick if you’ve been feeling a little out of touch with Mother Earth, The Universe, or your own inner power. Don’t know where to start? Well, that’s why I’m here! 

Click the photo below to download your very own printable and start reconnecting with nature! Using thirty fun and simple yet meaningful suggestions, you'll be on your way to once again seeing magick all around you! Use this sheet as a reminder to slow down and savor these waning days of late summer and early fall. Enjoy these little gems in no particular order, coloring in each box with whatever color feels appropriate that day. When you’re done, tuck it away in your Book of Shadows as a colorful memento. Though not required, you may enjoy journaling your experiences along the way. Or simply make notes in the margins. Keep it breezy, girl! 

Or boy. I don’t mean to ignore my male readers. All seven of you... =D 

I hope you enjoy this 30 Days of Magick sheet as much as I enjoyed creating it! Pour yourself an iced tea, grab a lawn chair, and let’s enjoy the beauty of life!

Embrace even more magick! Treat yourself to a Penniless Pagan spell book! Every purchase helps support the blog, so thank you!! ♥♥

Click for download!

Have you ever felt disconnected with nature? How do you reclaim your magick when feeling depleted? 

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Rainy Day Manifestation Spell

There's an undeniable power that's carried in on the dark thunderheads of a summer afternoon rain storm. The magick is tangible as foreboding gray seeps across the sky, sultry humidity brings weight to the air, and nature goes quiet in preparation for the downpour that's about to begin. What starts as a gentle hum in the distance, a low grumble of strength, quickly grows into a wild display of energy, making trees dance at its feet and the sky split open with fiery intensity.

I mean, not that I pay that close of attention. I could take them or leave them.

Wait, thunderstorms are like boys, right? You gotta play it cool to reign them in? 

Of course, this spell doesn't have to be sequestered to summer. It can be used anytime you notice the sky sodden with potential, readied to exhale raw magick and manifestation upon the earth below. Just do me a favor and exercise common sense. A fried witch is useful to no one, so don't run outside in the middle of violent lightning. Also, don't play in traffic. 


What You'll Need:
The earth
A finger (preferably yours) or a stick

How to Conjure:
If you notice a storm brewing and it's safe to be outside, find yourself a nice patch of dirt that will be exposed to the rain. Get creative if needed! A flower pot. A flower bed. Don't overthink it. We're working a spell, not redefining nuclear dynamics. 

Draw a rune, a sigil, or simply write a one-word intention in the soil using your finger or a stick. 

Once your spell is written in the earth, hold your hands over the word/sigil (palms facing the soil) and envision the word/sigil in neon. Now envision the rain that is soon to come pouring upon your spell. Imagine the intention being driven deep into the soil where it will be nourished by the earth, sprouted like a plant, and manifested into reality. Envision your desires brought into reality—use all 5 senses! What will it look like? Smell like? When that bad boy is palpable in your mind, say aloud with conviction:

So Mote it Be!

And you're all set! Now get your ass inside, you silly hippie, and know that the rain is feeding your intentions.

Also, brew yourself some tea, because tea is always best with rain. And a book. And a cat. 

Happy Casting!

Enjoy this spell? Treat yourself to a whole book! Each book is loaded with simple and affordable spells. Plus every purchase helps support this free blog, so thank you! =D

Have you ever casted a spell in the rain? Have you ever casted a spell for rain?

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