Cozy Spells

As winter's chilly embrace begins to settle around us, you may be feeling less inclined to set up an altar to cast a spell. Mostly because you're cold and want to stay tucked under the blankets.

I hear you. The snuggle is real.

I've composed a list of cozy spells that allow you to weave magick in ways that nourish that urge to huddle down and domesticate as autumn yawns into the hushed chill of winter. So brew yourself a steaming mug of tea, wrap yourself in your favorite cozy sweater, slip your tootsies into some warm socks, and get ready to cast some fun and simple spells that make you feel all toasty inside!


There is something soul-nourishing about lighting candles on a blustery day. This simple spell turns even the most humble of tealights into a casting marvel! 

Remember that cup of tea I suggested? Why not stir in some magick?

Better yet, treat yourself to a rich and decadent cinnamon-infused tasty conjuring.

No need to get off the couch to craft this easy sigil spell. 

Did you know the mere act of washing your hands can be turned into magick? Find out more by clicking below.

Nothing says cozy like a pot of soup simmering on the stove on a gloomy rainy day.  

Is there anything better than warm apple pie on a cold day? Why yes! Magickal warm apple pie, but of course!

Light some candles, turn on relaxing music, and get all domestic with this house cleansing spell that'll make you feel like a witchy Martha Stewart. 

Feeling a bit blue? Tend to your soul with this delightful self-care tea spell.

Pair that tea with these simple self-care rituals. 

Or sip your bubbling brew while reading tarot. 

Conjure up sweet dreams with this heavenly scented prophetic spell.

Or make your entire home smell wonderful while clearing away the funk.

Why not end the day with a dose of magick infused in a blissfully soothing hot bath?

Whether you brew yourself a cup of tea or break out the herbs for a sachet, isn't it lovely to know magick can be woven into everyday life, making a mundane task divine? That, in my humble opinion, is the essence of comfy and cozy—knowing there is magick all around us, even in the most unassuming places!

Now go get your ass into some fleece pants and get to casting! ;)

Journal Prompt: 

What's your favorite way to hunker down on a cold day?

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The Witch's Guide to Yule

Between the holly jolly music and the endless sweets, Yule is a pretty awesome time of year! For me, it's a time to relax, restore, and most definitely indulge. I work hard in October and November to make sure I have a little extra time in December for reading novels, crocheting, and baking.

You know, things 80-year-olds like to do.

Just as nature hibernates in the cold dark months of winter, Yule (the Winter Solstice) is a time for restoration and reflection. It's the shortest day of the year, generally falling between the 20-22. As the days progress from here on out, light will extend by roughly a minute each day, showing us that even in our darkest hours there is hope for a new dawn. 

Representing the God, the sun is reborn during the solstice. Having proverbially died on Samhain, the God's death cycle has now ended and life is restored, which is why Yule is often called The Renewal. 

...If you want to be extraordinarily technical, the sun (God) returns the day after the Winter Solstice, since the solstice itself is the shortest day of the year (with the days following gradually giving in to the returning sunlight). This is why some celebrations begin on the solstice and party hard into the wee hours of the following morning. With my time of all-nighters behind me, I (like most others) celebrate on the solstice itself. Surely our ancestors weren't rigid in their celebration schedule since they didn't have NASA doing the math for them. Plus this sabbat is a time of rest, so there's no need to overcomplicate the darn thing. In case you haven't noticed, I do my best to keep it simple.


You'll notice in the dormant nature around you the Goddess (nature) is resting after giving birth to the God (Don't overthink the familial ties here. It's proverbial). Now is the time to regroup and revitalize as The Wheel slowly turns toward spring. 

If you're looking for foods to help celebrate the return of the sun, think hot and warm! Ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon are all wonderful additions to baking this time of year, honoring the return of the sun. Red/green, gold/silver celebrate the God and Goddess respectively, which is why we so commonly see decorations in these joyful hues. Pine, cedar, and spruce are popular in Yuletide celebrations, representing the eternal nature of our souls. Need some altar inspiration? Check out my simple Yule altar that will brighten your home with the beauty of nature!

If you're in a giving mood but not in a get-trampled-for-a-good-sale kind of mood, I've got you covered! Here are 20 witchy gifts for under $20, all perused from the comfort of your couch! (which means pants are totally optional).

If your credit card is curled up in the corner, whimpering and shaking from being overworked, check out these posts on making Yuletide memorable without spending a dime

Above all, remember this isn't a season of stress and overspending but a time we should stop to regroup and replenish. Find peace in the cycles of nature and honor the seasons. Take a few extra moments to indulge in something restorative to the soul, such as meditation or yoga. Find healing in the stillness by disconnecting from electronics. Relish the moments with your family...even if those aren't so quiet. Winter, and Yule specifically, is a time to nourish our bodies and minds, because nothing in nature moves nonstop—not even with a peppermint macchiato!

Wishing you a magical, restorative Yule and a New Year brimming with health and happiness!

Wishing you a restorative, sugary-sweet, cozy-steeped, gingerbread-scented Yule!

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Samhain on a Shoestring (Halloween on a Budget!)

(Not exactly sure what it means to celebrate Samhain? No need to hang your Pagan head in shame. Catch up here.)

It's Samhain season, pumpkin truckers!

I think I just accidentally discovered a new reality show— Pumpkin Truckers: No (pumpkin) guts, no glory!

Anyone? Not funny? Okay.

You can withhold love all you want, my friends, but the most wonderful time of The Wheel is here! So brew a big batch of PSLs, witches, because it’s going to be an October brimming with spells and magick and scary movies and chocolate. CHOCOLATE, I do declare!

#Haven’tStartedInOnHalloweenCandy #NotOnSugarHigh #PinkyPromise

Below I’ve included some brand new goodies along with some beloved oldies to help you celebrate Samhain without abusing your wallet. I’m talking new rituals, brand new printables to help you decorate, and some of my favorite edible spells I’ve shared in the past. 

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Without further distractions, here are some low-cost and cost-free ways to get your Halloween on!

Remembrance Rituals

Through the Veil Paper Pumpkins

Cut out a pumpkin shape using black construction paper. Use a hole punch to poke holes into the paper. A sharp pencil will also work in a pinch. Each hole will represent the spirit of a transcended loved one you’d like to remember, so make as many holes as necessary. With a silver or white pen write one person’s name above each hole. When you are done, hang the paper pumpkin in a window that gets good moonlight. As the moon rises on Samhain night take a moment to stand before the pumpkin and say, “You are remembered.” As the moon rises in the sky the silvery moonlight will illuminate your paper pumpkin, each hole shining in loving remembrance of a transcended soul!

Linked Together Paper Chain

Once again, break out the construction paper. Listen, I know it’s strange to be thirtysomething and still use construction paper regularly, but it’s affordable and the sound of scissors cutting through a fresh sheet just does it for me. Okay?

Cut strips of orange and black construction paper. On the black strips write the name of a transcended loved one. On the orange strips write any messages you wish to convey to them. Link them together with tape or staples, alternating black and orange. You can, of course, make extra links so you have enough chain to string around your room. Have fun with it! It’s okay to be a little silly, even if you’re sorely missing your deceased friends and family.

On Samhain night, take a few moments to read the names and messages aloud (or in your mind if uber self-conscious) and when you are done simply say, “You are remembered.”  

Ribbons in the Wind Ancestor Tree

Head outside and find a few smaller tree branches (twigs really) that will make a nice little tree decoration for your altar or table, something you can stick in a vase and hang ribbons from. Think: twig bouquet.

Now you’ll need to cut some ribbon. I recommend using orange ribbon and black ribbon, because it makes for a really beautiful display. But you can use whatever you fancy. Cut yourself several pieces of each, roughly 8-10 inches long. Using a black or silver marker, write the names of your transcended loved ones on the ribbon. One name to each ribbon (extra ribbon is fine for decoration purposes). When you are done, tie or hang each ribbon onto your ancestor tree. As you tie each ribbon on say aloud, “You are remembered.”

As an alternative you can simply tie the ribbons to a real tree outside, preferably an evergreen (representing the eternal nature of their souls).  

You Light Up My Life Mini Pumpkin Candles

Did you know mini pumpkins make amazing candle holders for tea lights? Simply carve out the top as you would cut into any pumpkin, scoop out any innards, and voila! Pumpkin tea light holder. Of course, that’s just a decoration, not a remembrance ritual. Soooo....

Use a permanent marker to write the name of a loved one across the outside of the pumpkin, one name to a pumpkin. As dusk falls on Samhain night, light your miniature pumpkin candles to honor their passing. As match touches wick say aloud (you guessed it!), “You are remembered.”

Free Printables

Note: The Penniless Pagan hippie chick is only displayed for web security. Click the link below for printable (and watermark free) version!

Click HERE to download and print your very own Pagan art. 

Edible Magick

Hope you all have a candied-apple, nougat-filled, magickally-inspired, hauntingly-good Samhain! 

Happy Halloween, everyone! 

 Looking for more ways to celebrate Samhain? Check out Samhain Traditions: 13 Simple & Affordable Halloween Spells & Rituals for the Witches' New Year! Every purchase helps keep alive and supplied with tons of free material, so thank you! ♥

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The Witch's Guide to Mabon

Do you have a mug of apple cider? If you don't, I need you to immediately get up and find yourself a cup of apple-y goodness or a pumpkin-spiced treat before you begin this post. Go ahead...I'll wait.

*Sips cider*

Mabon is here, which means it's time for nutmeg, autumn leaves, and some serious sweater weather! And isn't that the best part of autumn—coziness, fall beauty, and scrumptious baked goods?!

Mabon is the first official day of fall, even if Samhain decorations have been in stores for a solid 6 weeks by now.

Seriously, retail industry, we're not going to forget the major holidays. Can you chill out a little bit? Live in the moment, man. Find your zen, dude. 

Anyone else smell patchouli?

Anyway, the autumn equinox (or what we Pagans call Mabon) is when sunlight and nighttime are equal. After today, the darkness will overcome the light by roughly a minute per day as The Wheel churns towards winter. As nature (Goddess) begins to slow down and harvests become less plentiful, the God begins his transition towards physical death, which we acknowledge on Samhain. Mabon is also referred to as the Witches' Thanksgiving, a time when we embrace gratitude for all the bounties in our lives (edible and otherwise!). 

Mabon occurs between September 20-23. Like the vernal equinox, Mabon is about finding balance in your life, which often manifests as a need to balance work and home life in our modern go, go, go era. But take a few moments on this cool autumn morning to reflect on your own personal circumstances. Is there an area that's been overlooked? Now is the time to give that aspect of your life a little love. Not sure where to begin? Why not ask your Guides for some direction by using this Autumn Moon Tarot Spread?

If you're looking to incorporate the colors of Mabon into your home or altar, the supplies are just outside your door! Rich crimson, golden yellow, vibrant orange, and grounding brown are the hues of the season! Fallen leaves, acorns, apples, gourds, maize/corn, and even pine cones are all appropriate equinox decorations. Need some inspiration? Check out this natural Mabon altar!

Interested in celebrating this Mabon with a festive nosh? Whip up the flavors of autumn with earthy pumpkin, roasted nuts, corn, late summer berries, squash, cinnamon, and nutmeg to commemorate this quarter sabbat. Better yet, why not weave some magick into your autumnal meal? Check out these edible spells for some tasty castings!

If dirtying a pile of dishes isn't your thing, don't fret! I've got TEN ways for you to celebrate this hoodie-weather sabbat without spending a dime! 

Whether you cast and conjure your Mabon away or simply stroll through your neighborhood and enjoy the crisp autumn air, I hope you have a magickally-filled, apple-scented, fallen-leaves kind of Mabon!

🍎🍁 Blessed Mabon, everyone! 🍁🍎

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