30 Days of Magick: Summer Edition!

Did you know in Chinese Medicine late summer is considered the fifth season? That’s right, my friends. Somehow we’re already on the descent of summer. Landing gear is out and drink trays are up, but it’s not quite time to stow your beach balls in the overhead compartments just yet. 

The magick of late summer is a special blend of wondrousness, which makes it the perfect time to reclaim your magick if you’ve been feeling a little out of touch with Mother Earth, The Universe, or your own inner power. Don’t know where to start? Well, that’s why I’m here! 

Click the photo below to download your very own printable and start reconnecting with nature! Using thirty fun and simple yet meaningful suggestions, you'll be on your way to once again seeing magick all around you! Use this sheet as a reminder to slow down and savor these waning days of late summer and early fall. Enjoy these little gems in no particular order, coloring in each box with whatever color feels appropriate that day. When you’re done, tuck it away in your Book of Shadows as a colorful memento. Though not required, you may enjoy journaling your experiences along the way. Or simply make notes in the margins. Keep it breezy, girl! 

Or boy. I don’t mean to ignore my male readers. All seven of you... =D 

I hope you enjoy this 30 Days of Magick sheet as much as I enjoyed creating it! Pour yourself an iced tea, grab a lawn chair, and let’s enjoy the beauty of life!

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Click for download!

Have you ever felt disconnected with nature? How do you reclaim your magick when feeling depleted? 

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Rainy Day Manifestation Spell

There's an undeniable power that's carried in on the dark thunderheads of a summer afternoon rain storm. The magick is tangible as foreboding gray seeps across the sky, sultry humidity brings weight to the air, and nature goes quiet in preparation for the downpour that's about to begin. What starts as a gentle hum in the distance, a low grumble of strength, quickly grows into a wild display of energy, making trees dance at its feet and the sky split open with fiery intensity.

I mean, not that I pay that close of attention. I could take them or leave them.

Wait, thunderstorms are like boys, right? You gotta play it cool to reign them in? 

Of course, this spell doesn't have to be sequestered to summer. It can be used anytime you notice the sky sodden with potential, readied to exhale raw magick and manifestation upon the earth below. Just do me a favor and exercise common sense. A fried witch is useful to no one, so don't run outside in the middle of violent lightning. Also, don't play in traffic. 


What You'll Need:
The earth
A finger (preferably yours) or a stick

How to Conjure:
If you notice a storm brewing and it's safe to be outside, find yourself a nice patch of dirt that will be exposed to the rain. Get creative if needed! A flower pot. A flower bed. Don't overthink it. We're working a spell, not redefining nuclear dynamics. 

Draw a rune, a sigil, or simply write a one-word intention in the soil using your finger or a stick. 

Once your spell is written in the earth, hold your hands over the word/sigil (palms facing the soil) and envision the word/sigil in neon. Now envision the rain that is soon to come pouring upon your spell. Imagine the intention being driven deep into the soil where it will be nourished by the earth, sprouted like a plant, and manifested into reality. Envision your desires brought into reality—use all 5 senses! What will it look like? Smell like? When that bad boy is palpable in your mind, say aloud with conviction:

So Mote it Be!

And you're all set! Now get your ass inside, you silly hippie, and know that the rain is feeding your intentions.

Also, brew yourself some tea, because tea is always best with rain. And a book. And a cat. 

Happy Casting!

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Have you ever casted a spell in the rain? Have you ever casted a spell for rain?

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The Witch's Guide to Litha

Summer is such a magical time of year. As the days stretch long into the evenings and fireflies light the ebony sky, the warm balmy nights of summer hold a sense that anything is possible, that any dream can be achieved, and that opportunities are limitless. 

Well, that's because they ARE!

The vitality that imbues those sultry afternoons and mild summer nights is not imagined. Litha, the summer solstice, is a peak time of magick and power among nature. The sabbat is literally called the sabbat of "great magickal power." The explanation is simple! Mother Nature (Goddess) is in her prime, bearing fruits with fertility to spare. The sun (God) is exercising his ferocity as well, reaching his peak strength on the solstice—the longest day of the year. Just as nature and sky alike buzz with fortitude and vigor, you too are at a heightened stage of magickal ability. So use that wealth of power, playboy! 

Celebrated between June 20-22, the summer solstice (often called Litha) is the longest day of the year. After today, the sunrise and sunset will occur a bit earlier each day (by about a minute per day) as darkness slowly begins to overtake and the vitality of nature subtly wanes toward fall.

But don't worry, you've still got plenty of time to enjoy that wavy beach hair and flip flops, so don't put those jorts away quite yet!

Litha is seen as a potent time to cast, as well as a time to encourage purification, protection, health (for that coming winter), and love. The colors of this hot sabbat are borrowed from the lush bounty of nature. Bright red, yellow, orange (God) and green (goddess) are all appropriate colors for midsummer festivities. But since any and all flowers are perfect for a Litha altar, I'd dare to say any bright and vibrant color is well suited for celebration! Need some inspiration? Check out this natural Litha altar that uses lemons and oranges to honor the sun! 

Fresh fruits and vegetables, breads and cookies in the shape of the sun, lemons, oranges, and spicy foods are wonderful additions to a Litha feast. Looking to cast a spell and celebrate? Why not try a Simply Sweet Love Spell to put a little romance in your Litha? 

Dreams are more lucid on Litha due to the strong energies coming from earth and sky. Why not use this night to whip up a batch of Dream See Pillow Spray Spell to see what your future holds! 

In need of a little purification? Try this Energy-Cleansing Chicken Piccata to get your energetic housecleaning on! With lemons representing the sun, this is a perfect dish to serve at your Litha feast. Dinner and a clean aura? Who doesn't love a double duty spell?! 

If that electricity bill is leaving the coffers a bit dry (I could kiss whoever invented air conditioning!), then I have good news for you! Save the nickels for the ice cream truck, my friend, because I've got ten simple ways for you to honor the longest day of the year without spending a dime! 

Embrace the carefree, bountiful, sprightly energy of summer, my Pagan compadres! Sip some lemonade by the pool. Have a bonfire. Or simply take a stroll with your favorite someone and collect wildflowers. Whatever you do, enjoy this season of abundant beauty, and don't forget to leave a little offering of gratitude for the maiden Goddess and virile God. 

Happy Litha! ☀️

What's your favorite way to celebrate Litha?

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The Ultimate Guide to Self-Care

Isn't it strange how when we need self-care the most we usually feel too burned-out, overwrought, and generally incapable of carving out 15 lousy minutes to do something for ourselves? If you're anything like me then just the task of deciding on what the hell to do can feel like too much when you're cresting on overwhelmed. Instead, you settle in with something sugar-laden and your old buddy—the remote—and you don't resurface until Netflix asks if you're still watching. I'm fairly certain they use that black screen of judgement on purpose. I get it, Netflix. I need to do something with my hair. Can I just get back to my binge of Santa Clarita Diet, please and thank you?!

Sometimes crashing out can be just the ticket to feeling rested and restored. But many times what we really need is something nourishing for the mind, body, and/or soul to feel rejuvenated. Fortunately for you this witch loves herself some lists, so the hard work is already done for you! 

Brew yourself a mug of motivation and let's explore some easy ways to give yourself some much needed self-love. And don't forget to bookmark this bad boy for those kick-you-in-the-ass kinda days! ♥


Beautiful You by Rosie Molinary
For a when you need a reminder that you're beautiful, baby! ♥

Bliss to You by Dean Koontz
Who's better suited to give you life advice than a dog? I keep this book on my nightstand. Love it!

Journey to the Heart by Melody Beattie
Thought-provoking insights to deepen your spirituality.

Heart Thoughts by Louise Hay (Illustrated by Katie Daisy)
Not going to lie, Katie Daisy sold me on this. I adore her illustrations; they make my heart happy! And the reflections or "heart thoughts" are gentle reminders for self-love. 

Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and Mary G. Enig 
"You want to win? You got to fuel like a winner!" -Dwight Schrute, The Office

But seriously, self-care isn't just cupcakes and lattes. Nourish yourself!

Four-Fold Path to Healing by Thomas S. Cowan and Sally Fallon
Fantastic companion to Nourishing Traditions, especially if you struggle with autoimmune illnesses where self-care is dire!


Start Where You Are by Meera Lee Patel
I love, love, LOVE this journal! It's a beautiful guided journal with short but thought-provoking prompts, which makes it a lovely go-to for when you want to spend some time writing but don't want to commit to an afternoon of self-reflection.

Good Days Start with Gratitude by Pretty Simple Press
A simple guided journal to encourage an attitude of gratitude. You know, like the title says! =P

Let That Sh*t Go: A Journal for Leaving Your Bullsh*t Behind by Monica Sweeney
An acerbic journal loaded with swears? It's pretty much everything I seek in a friend. 


Think Vitality
I flipping LOVE QiGong, but I had zero clue what the heck it was until I stumbled upon Jeff Chand's AMAZING Youtube channel. I mean ah-mazing, ya'll! Seriously. I can feel you doubting me! Stop that right this instant and put that energy toward Calming and Grounding the Mind. This 15 minute routine for Stress and Vitality is a go-to when I'm feeling, well, stressed or unvital devital less than optimal. =D

Yoga with Adriene
I've mentioned Adriene on the blog before. That's because she's wonderful! And she's got yoga for just about every complaint. 

For when you're angry...
In need of mental balance...
After work (my favorite!)...
Have a migraine...

See? I would never lie to you. 


Numi Roobios Tea
A cup of this on a rainy day. Add a touch of honey and a splash of cream. Oh geez... I'm going to need a moment...

Andalou Berry Fruit Enzyme Mask
This mask smells amazing and makes your skin vibrant! But fair warning, you won't be able to keep your husband away from you. I'm going to be honest, I think it has less to do with my face than that I smell like pie.

Everyday Witch Tarot
I've mentioned this deck several times on the blog. The reason is simple—I absolutely love it! Stunning artwork. Easy to read. Relatable interpretations. I adore this deck! 

Celtic Tree Oracle
Wisdom from Irish trees. ;)


Jessica Dimas
This lovely lady is a blogger friend who has her s#!t together when it comes to self-care. Not sure where to begin with self-care? Check out her post on How to Get Started with Self-Care. If you're an empath, then you know just how important self-care is! Take a peek at her article on Self-Care for Empaths. And since I love her just oh-so much, here's a third post on Easy Self-Care During Stressful Times. 

OtherWordly Oracle
This is a great resource for all things witch, but I particularly enjoy her Witchy Books and Tea Pairings series. I'm *pretty* sure there's no better act of self-love than carving out some time for a page-turning read and a delectable cup of tea! 

Yes and Yes
Admittedly, this isn't a blog I frequent regularly. BUT this article on self-care vs self-sabotage is a must read! Because sometimes we do need a cupcake and an afternoon off. But Death by Chocolate is a slippery slope, my friends. A slippery slope! 

Awakened Soul Perspective
Sara is arguably one of the sweetest bloggers around! And I just love her post on how to Quiet Mind Chatter, most definitely one of the most necessary aspects to self-care! You should also check out her article on Positive Affirmations.

If you're looking for more digital self-care, check out my Pinterest board dedicated to just that!


Rose Sugar Scrub from Homan at Home
The name says it all. 

Tea Foot Soak  from Happy Mothering
Tea for your feet!

Lemon Mint Foot Soak from Ruffles and Rainboots
Sounds soothing on a hot day!

Emotional Rejuvenation Bath
Because people are stupid. *Innocent smile*

Tea cures all! 

Lavish yourself with goodies from your kitchen!

Whether you spend an hour sipping tea and reading tarot or simply take ten minutes to sit in silence, never underestimate the value of self-care. Or the rejuvenating powers of an occasional Netflix binge. =P

The possibilities are endless! What is your favorite act of self-care?

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NOTE: As with any recommendation found on this blog, consult your doctor or naturopath before use.
Some of the above links are affiliate links, which means I make a small percentage AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU. Affiliate links help keep PennilessPagan.com alive and supplied, so thank you!!♥