Mantra for Magick (AKA Witch Mantra)

Recently, as I watched a friend whip off his sunglasses to access his cell phone via retinal scan as we cruised down the highway at a cool 65 miles an hour, I experienced a moment of melancholy for a simpler time. 

Do you ever find yourself feeling this way? Yearning for a lifetime long ago lived, one you probably didn’t experience in this human body but in another? As if your soul is aching for what is now an echo of a previous existence, a ripple in the DNA of your higher spirit? When did a vibrating cell phone replace the sensation of earth pulsating beneath our bare feet? The singsong melody of a robin drowned out by a constant, distant grumble of engines? 

Have you ever experienced those breathtaking moments when, for just a solitary beat of the heart, humanity goes blissfully silent? No planes, or voices, or auto-tuned cellphone jingles, just the brush of tree branch against sky and a poetic bird chortle as your soul falls into transcendent harmony with the earth? For one singular moment you are submersed in the music of life and you find yourself thinking, “This! This is how it was supposed to be. This is the rhythm my soul yearns for.”

In a world steeped in high tech and high speed, it can be difficult to mine the natural magick from the weighty haze of technology and the ever-growing list of gadgets designed to simplify our life.

Because seriously, who feels like they have oodles of spare time courtesy of washing machines that can receive text messages and thermostats we can yell at from another room? As for me and my house, we shall walk to our thermal controls, by god

*Adjusts tinfoil hat*

During a time of imbalance in my own life, heretofore deemed The Desert Years, I found this grounding mantra to be a spiritual life preserver. On days when you’re tired of watching people FaceTime their dishwasher, take a few cleansing breaths, lay your hands over your heart, and say aloud this simple but profound mantra to instill peace in your spirit and magick in your soul. After all, the world is brimming with splendor if we’re willing to slow our minds and open our hearts to the experience! 

And if all else fails, order an Uber to drive you to the forest. ;)

Do you have a mantra that helps you return to center?

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The Witch's Guide to Ostara (Spring Equinox)

As I was taking my clothes out of the dryer yesterday, the freshly-scented heap woven into a clean bundle in my lime green laundry basket, I noticed a central theme to all my clothing—color, color, and more color. Crouched before my dryer, staring at this clean pile of cotton, I became convinced I will be that crazy old lady who dresses in hot pink pants with purple polka dot shoes and a straw hat with massive neon daisies hot glued to it.

I hot glued them on, of course. You simply haven't entered full-on old lady crazy until you start making your own clothes with dollar store supplies. 

Even now, in present day, I write this post while standing in pink pajama pants with little yellow tulips stamped across the fabric and a tank top in a beautiful shade of dusky lavender.

You didn't know all bloggers write while wearing pajamas? It's actually law— statute 238, section 3, part B. 

Vibrant color and thriving vitality is unquestionably the best part of spring! Flowers bloom, bees are hard at work, and the scent of fertile earth perfumes the air. I'd like to think it's my love for spring that influences my confetti-esque wardrobe, but there's really no way of knowing. At the very least, I'm grateful I can manage to color coordinate my outfits. I am far from a sharp dresser, but most people don't point and stare.


Ostara is the spring equinox, that glorious day in March (taking place between the 20-22) when sunlight and nighttime are equal. After today, the light overtakes the darkness by roughly one minute a day as winter ebbs and spring takes root.

Haha, horticulturist jokes. They are a feisty bunch, those horticulturists.

Like Mabon (autumn equinox), the vernal equinox is about finding balance, a time to shed the old and embrace the new. Have you always been curious about a new hobby, maybe knitting or wood work? Now is the time to take action and explore a new endeavor. Unlike Mabon, which is more focused on letting go (like the leaves of autumn trees), Ostara is more about embracing the fresh and new—new hopes, aspirations, spells, desires, etc! In other words, it's time to spring clean your life by opening those proverbial windows and letting a little fresh air and sunshine in! ;)

Metaphorically, the Goddess is in her maiden state as the God's virility peaks. We see this in nature as Mother Earth awakens, enlivening the lands with blossoming plants and tender grass. And in the sun (God) as it gains strength and warmth, maturing towards summer. 

Eggs are a common incorporation of Ostara rituals, representing growth, potential, and fertility. Rabbits, a sacred symbol of the Goddess, also represent fertility and birth. It's considered good luck to see a rabbit or hare on Ostara! Though the over-sized fuzzy white mall attraction doesn't count, no matter what shade of pastel bow tie he wears.

I mean, who the hell wears a bow tie without a cummerbund? Seriously! Totally uncouth, mall rabbit. 

If you're planning an Ostara feast, make sure to include lots of fresh, cleansing vegetables and herbs in your dishes. Asparagus, dandelion, nettles, seeds, leafy greens, goat cheese, young meat (such as lamb or cornish hen), and dairy are all appropriate additions to your equinox spread.

Looking to cleanse and renew? Why not cast an energy-cleansing spell you can eat?

Seeking a little love in your life? Use this Simply Sweet Love Spell to get your randy Goddess on. Hey, milkshakes are dairy, okay. They absolutely count as Ostara grub. 

Crafting an altar? Choose the colors of the season to beautify your sacred space. Light/pastel colors are fitting, especially green and yellow (Goddess/God respectively). Treat yourself to some tulips, which represent the fertile womb of the Goddess. Or take a few extra moments to create a natural altar, like my Ostara altar below!

If you're eager to celebrate but short on cash (those chocolate bunnies don't come free!), check out these FIFTEEN ways to celebrate Ostara without spending a dime!

Take a walk, smudge your home, or make some fine sabbat food. Whatever you do, make sure to enjoy your Ostara, my friends!

...and stay out of the dollar store when seeking apparel. No one should ever hot glue their clothes together. =/

Happy Spring, everyone! 🐰🌷🥚

How do you celebrate Ostara? How colorful is your wardrobe?

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Sigils (A Simple Way to Cast a Kick-Ass Spell!)

You know how they say every woman needs a little black dress in her arsenal? 

Hm, now I'm beginning to question the veracity of this analogy. I definitely don't own a black dress, little or otherwise. I'm more of a pastel kind of gal. And I'm fairly certain my best friend doesn't have a black dress either. Come to think of it, I've rarely seen her in a dress, which is a bit puzzling. She's one of those annoyingly beautiful women who just exude femininity. Like, leaves-a-glittering-trail-of-womanliness-as-she-saunters-into-a-room kind of dainty. 

So not the case with me. I enter a room like Kramer, knocking over houseplants and what not. I mean, I'm no Bella Swan. That chick needed to get her equilibrium checked. But I have been known to fall off sandals while bumbling through the troublesome task of walking. Not even the wedge kind of sandals. Just your plain 'ol sandal. 

....Oh, the late 90s were a rough one for yours truly. How I managed to avoid a broken ankle in those brick-ish, Spice Girl monstrosities is a question that remains as unanswerable as the quantity of licks required to reach the center of a Tootsie Pop. I had this sweet little pair made out of white canvas that were roughly 892 inches tall.  Because, I mean, *chuffs* who doesn't want white canvas platform sandals?! Just give me a moment to savor the butterfly clips and tattoo chokers before we move on.

...le sigh

Anywho, much like the ubiquitous little black dress that every woman *should* have in her closet, every witch absolutely, unquestionably needs sigils in her cauldron. Why? Because they are insanely easy (when you make your own), ridiculously powerful (especially when you make your own), and extraordinarily versatile. I get almost as excited talking about sigils as I do thinking about jellies.


Sigils (pronounced si-jels) are symbols infused with magickal purpose. They are also one of the first spells I learned to cast, but I still use them frequently to this day. And I'm about to show you why!

The simple art of a personalized sigils is this: You take the word you wish to invoke, like "protection" to be used on a front door or "health" to be traced into soup, and you connect the letters to form one interlaced symbol. It's much easier to visually explain, so I created this demonstration for you!

See? Crazy easy, right?! Simple but powerful, just the way I like my magick! And, of course, you don't need to follow my example. If that crooked "A" is driving you bonkers, incorporate it however you please. That's the beauty of personalized sigils, it's entirely in your hands.

Once you've created your sigil you can apply it to your desired medium (such as a candle), take a few moments to visualize your sigil hard at work on your behalf, and you're done!

The best part about personalized sigils is they can be used and created anywhere. Unlike runes or the Celtic Ogham (both of which I love), there's no memorization necessary. Say you just bought a car and you're about to drive it off the lot. You can immediately create a sigil for "safety" or "protection" and trace it on the glass using only your finger, offering you magickal shield until you can whip up a vehicle protection sachet.

And since I adore these wonderful little magick creations, I drafted a list of ten easy ways to use sigils in your everyday life! Hope you enjoy!

— Paint a sigil under a flower pot to bring desired energies to everyone who passes.

— Draw a sigil in the soil under full moon light (or lack thereof on a new moon) to set your intentions for the cycle!

— Use essential oils (such as rosemary or cedar) to inscribe sigils on windows and doors for protection.

— Use chalk to write a sigil under a door mat. Change your sigil with the seasons to invoke new energies depending on your current needs.

— Draw sabbat-appropriate sigils into cookies or pie crusts to celebrate the holidays. For example, you can create a "renewal" sigil for Yule. Or create a sigil with a departed loved one's name for Samhain! Are you a private witch? Carve your sigil into the bottom crust before adding filling. No one will be any wiser! ;)

— Using your finger dipped in moon water, trace a sigil under children's beds for protection or health. Battling the Boogie Man? Conquer nightmares by creating a sigil for happy dreams and involve your child in casting the spell.

— Mark the back of a pet's tag (rabies tags are usually blank on the back) with protective symbols. Because essential oils can be toxic to pets, use a marker or moon water to work your magick!

— Set your intentions for the day by tracing a sigil on your wrist with essential oil. 

— Keep a slip of paper in your wallet with a sigil for abundance or prosperity.

— Draw a sigil in the soil of your garden to encourage growth and fertility.

I could go on for hours, but that would be very Bubba Gump Shrimp of me, so I'll leave it at ten. Here's to hoping you find this enchanting little magickal symbol just as useful as I do!

As for platform sandals, those were never practical. I hang my head in 90s shame...

Do you use sigils? What's your favorite application for sigils?

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5 More Ways to Celebrate Imbolc (Without Spending a Dime)

It's almost Imbolc! And you know what that means—it's time for the purge.

Now hold up. Put down the bat. I'm not talking about The Purge. No, no. It's still illegal to clobber your annoying neighbor. I'm talking about purging as in purification.

...I'm so disappointed that movie was basically just a typical horror flick because that concept could have been so interesting if they truly explored it. Where do the lines of morality vs legality overlap? How far would the average person go if there were no legal consequences? It'd be a very interesting narrative. 

But admittedly a little heavy for a blog, so let's get back to Imbolc. =D

Imbolc is a time of purification and cleansing, a period where we release the heavy emotions churned up during our Yuletide reflections.

Don't panic if you didn't reflect over the Yule season. I'm not going to quiz you or anything. I'm not that teacher. You know the one. That wet blanket that assigns a massive project over the holiday break that's due the moment you return to class. I'm pretty sure every student experiences one of those in their lifetime.

If you'd like to learn more about Imbolc, check out this post here (where you can also discover 5 MORE ways to celebrate without spending a dime!). But if you're ready to hear five fun ways to celebrate without breaking out the AmEx, scroll on, my friend!

Toss Your Cares Away
Cleanse your troubles by releasing them to nature. Standing beside a stream or river, hold a small river rock in your hands and visualize your problem floating down the stream, away from your life. When the image is clear in your mind, toss the rock into the water and watch it carry away your burden.

This ritual is a variation of a water spell shared with me by my lovely friend Gea, so shout out to Gea! ♥

Clean House (of your old crap)
Most of us have been meaning to clean out at least one closet that physically assaults you every time you open the door. Purify your home by clearing out old clothes and household goods and donating them to charity. Not only will this remove blockages that can stagnate your home's energy, but you'll also be helping the less fortunate. The Universe is kind of fond of that! ;)

Some Plants Are Worth Melting For
Snowed in? Take some snow inside and allow it to melt (by the fire is extra special!). Then take the melted snow (sometimes referred to as water) and use it to water indoor plants or cut flowers. This symbolizes The Wheel turning as winter slowly transitions into spring. 

Plus snow just seems extra cleansing compared to regular tap water. Maybe I'm just biased? But then again I've never heard Lorelai Gilmore proclaim, "I smell tap water!"

Take a Ritual Soak
Using herbs such as rosemary, lavender, or chamomile, draw yourself a soothing hot bath to soak away the stresses of chilly winter! When you're ready (but before you get out), envision the weight of your problems being washed away by the water as you emerge, leaving them behind in the tub. As you towel off, visualize a bright white light radiating from your freshly cleansed skin. Savor the buoyant feeling of release! You are now cleansed of any negative energy (which remains in the tub). Let the water drain and picture your concerns rushing down the pipes with the bathwater. You are now physically and energetically oh-so-squeaky clean!

I would advise you use a muslin bag or tea ball to contain your herbs. Otherwise, use essential oils. Trust me, you don't want to end a relaxing bath with a soggy mess of herbs.

....Not that I know this from experience or anything. *Closely examines nails* I mean, I haven't had to pick lavender out of the bathtub bud by bud or anything.  

Try Your Hand at Fire Divination
Considered the Festival of Light, fire is often incorporated with Imbolc rituals. Use this time to try fire divination! While it sounds somewhat complicated, all you really need to do is meditate while looking into the flames, allow your mind to slow and thoughts to clear, and see what information presents itself to you. This may come as a personal revelation or a foretelling. Don't try to force the process; just relax into it. =D

You may find larger fires, such as camp or bonfires, are easier to work with than candles. But if you're a fire sign, this may come to you very easily! 

So remember, while we can't resort to The Purge to rectify our problems, we can purge many nuisances from our life without the hassle of bloodstained carpets.

Too dark? Sorry, my humor is still in winter mode. =/

Have you ever tried fire divination? What's your favorite way to honor Imbolc?

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