Full Moon Tea: Emotional Well-being

With the full moon just a couple of days away, I thought I'd share with you a recipe for full moon tea.

Making moon tea is a lot like making sun tea, only it imbues different properties. With the moon being a feminine energy, this is a method to use if you're looking to balance feminine hormones, inspire self-love, or to harness the Goddess's nurturing attributes. Today I decided to focus on emotional well-being, because who couldn't use a boost?

Between everyday stress and random junk life throws at us, it's not uncommon for us to need a little pick-me-up now and then in the emotional realm. And who else better to make us feel safe and loved than the Moon Goddess herself?

Here's what to do:

1. Gather your herbs
2. Place them in a clear glass jar
3. Fill jar with gently warmed (NOT boiling or steaming) water 
4. Loosely cover with lid or cheesecloth 
5. Leave outside in the moonlight
6. In the morning, strain herbs from tea (perfect for composting!)
7. Enjoy a glass while reflecting on how awesome you are.

Easy peasey, right? Below are the herbs I selected. I like to use what I have on hand and encourage you to do the same. No need to make life more complicated, especially if you're making a tea to help you relax! If you're looking for a great, comprehensive reference for magickal herb properties and meanings, I recommend Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

Michaela's Get Your S#!@ Together Tea 
(AKA Emotional Well-being Tea)

A hefty pinch of each:

Magickal properties: Love and happiness
Medicinal properties: analgesic, sedative, moves chi (energy), calms nerves

Magickal properties: love and self-love
Medicinal properties: calms nerves, eases digestion, soothes anxiety, stress, nightmares

Magickal properties: Promotes self-care
Medicinal properties: Encourages convalescence, clears heat, cleanses heavy metal toxicity

Because herbs are so beautifully versatile and comprehensive, I only listed a few applicable medicinal properties of each. Herbal medicine is invaluable and wonderfully vast. Even after years of study, I'm still in awe of how all of our needs can be met through herbs, even modern and unnatural needs, like herbs to combat the side effects of chemotherapy. The more I explore nature, the more I come to realize we truly are taken care of by this beautiful planet. It's humbling and breathtaking and truly miraculous. 

...I'm just going to enjoy that thought for a moment.



Okay, back to tea! If you don't have the herbs above, see what speaks to you from your pantry. Once you've selected three or four, look them up and see what your intuition is telling you. Kind of fun, hm?! Happy Full Moon, everyone!

Have you ever made Moon Tea? What's your favorite blend? 

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