Simple Food Blessing

Instead of acknowledging Earth Day in the typical way (because every day is Earth Day for Pagans!) I've decided to touch upon another subject.

When I was a teenager, much like many other teenagers, I was a vegetarian. After a year or so, my growing body became anemic. But when I returned to eating meat, I felt such guilt. How could I believe animals have souls and yet still eat them? How could I have such profound respect for something I'm willing to kill for sustenance? 

Eventually I came to realize one simple truth: Everything on this planet lives at the expense of another. The antelope dies for the lion. The fly dies for the toad. Even the tomato ceases to be a living plant for the vegan.

It was then that I came to accept that I am not a terrible Pagan for liking myself a steak. We shouldn't feel guilty about sustaining ourselves. But what we should do is recognize the sacrifice that has been made. One life dies so that another may life. And we are obligated to acknowledge and honor that transformation from one form of energy to another, from a living creature (or plant!) to nourishment. 

Before every meal I say one simple blessing and I invite you to do the same!

Happy Earth Day, fellow Pagans! 

Do you have a blessing you say before a meal? How do you honor the blessing of nourishment?

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