Pinterest Gone Pagan: 5 Minute Simply Sweet Love Spell!

Summer lovin’ had me a blaaasst!  Ah, I love Grease. The real one. The John Travolta/ Olivia Newton-John Grease. Not a fan of the remake. Or the sequel for that matter. I’m a Taurus, which means I’m a purest. It’s just how we roll.

Side note, I first watched Grease on laserdisc. Considering I was born in the 80’s and had my first AOL screenname by the tender age of nine, I’m not sure why we had a laserdisc player, what with our new fangled VHS player that RECORDED. Remember how cutting-edge you were if yours could record??? Still, I always think of that ridiculously large cartridge when I hear my favorite musical. That, and my husband in his diaper belting Hopelessly Devoted to You. He was three, hence the skivvies. But my father-in-law made sure it was played at our wedding, at which point my slightly inebriated husband sang along at the top of his lungs, this time in a tux.

Let me pause on that fond memory for a moment….

Okay, back to my point—love spells! Nothing says summer love spell quite like strawberries and ice cream. Using Dinner, Dishes, and Dessert’s recipe for strawberry milkshakes, you can whip yourself up a love spell and a decadent treat in under 5 minutes! (You can find the pin here.)

Now, if you aren't aware, love spells should always be casted for QUALITIES in a person, not a specific person. It will backfire if you direct a spell towards a specific individual. How do I know? Because I did it. And it backfired. And young Michaela learned her lesson the hard way—do not cast against another's freewill. 

Therefore, while you're sipping this tasty drink, I recommend focusing on the characteristics you desire in an individual. Intelligent. Compassionate. Funny. Loves animals. Collects beer glasses. Book nerd. Horticulturist. Whatever it is you find attractive in a mate, think about that. 

So, what about this mouthwatering milkshake makes it a love spell? Well, let me show you!

Strawberries are a perfect love fruit, not only for their red color and sweet taste, but also for their heart-like shape.

Sugar ensures a sweet romance. And while Erin adds an extra helping to her recipe, there is an adequate serving of sugar in the vanilla ice cream to help manifest a syrupy happily-ever-after for your spell, so feel free to skip it.

I chose Erin's recipe for the added vanilla, because vanilla is used in spells for passion and love. I'm the kind of baker who triples the recommended amount of vanilla, so she won my heart with that brilliant addition!

A quick spin in your blender, a modern-day cauldron of sorts, and you've got yourself a love spell drink. Enjoy it outside in the sunshine and let yourself daydream about the perfect partner finding their way to you!

What's your favorite summertime treat?

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