Mabon Altar

It's Mabon week! This year instead of retreating to my mental happy place and pretending it isn't 92* outside while I sip a pumpkin spice latte and day dream of cold weather, my husband and I are packing a picnic dinner and heading into the mountains for our Mabon feast! I couldn't be more excited! Crisp air. Birch trees. Yellowing leaves. Aspen-scented evergreens. If we're super lucky, maybe even a little rain! Ahhhh!

In preparation for Mabon, we took an early trip into the mountains and went on a nature walk. Since I'd spent the last several weeks scrambling to release By the Light of the Moonit was pure heaven to simply amble through the forest with no purpose other than enjoying the gentle turn of nature as the vibrant green of summer transitions into the rich colors of autumn. Hand in hand, we strolled through evergreens and papery birch trees, collecting whatever treasures nature presented us. We used our bounty to make the Mabon altar you see above—crimson serviceberry leaves, earthy brown oak leaves, pine cones, and bushy evergreen boughs. Everything we plucked we gave thanks for, though most of what you see was actually found already on the ground! I threw in some cinnamon sticks and a gorgeous red candle for a little extra something-something. After all, it just doesn't feel like a Sabbat without lighting something. And since I'm not a fan of forest fires, I went with a candle. Nice and tidy! ;)

It's funny how nature provides for us, often times without us even recognizing it in the moment. It wasn't until I got home that I realized the leaves mixed with evergreens perfectly depicted the next transition of nature. I arranged the leaves on one side and the evergreens on the other as a representation of the turning of the wheel, life and nature moving seamlessly from one season to another. 

Taking a long walk and letting nature supply your altar is such a peaceful way to celebrate Mabon. If time got away from you, it's a quick and enjoyable way to honor the autumn equinox. If you're looking for a way to connect with nature, this will most definitely nourish your soul! Commune. Listen. Breathe deep the scents of fall. Relish your time among the trees. Most of all, enjoy the day!

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Happy Mabon, my nature-loving friends!!! 

How do you decorate your Mabon altar?


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