10 Witchy Yule Gifts for Under $20

Since Yule is only a few weeks away, I decided to share some of my favorite witchy gifts with you. And because this is the Penniless Pagan, all suggestions are under $20*! So if you don't want to overspend and you're looking for witchy goodies, you've come to the right place! Best part? There's no need to risk getting trampled in a flash sale, because everything can be ordered from the comfort of your couch (which means pants are optional).

Ahhhh! Nothing says the Season of Giving like trampling a total stranger just to save $7 on the newest Xbox. The holidays, right?!

Brew yourself a cup of tea, turn on the holiday Netflix (I highly recommend 12 Dates of Christmas), and get your Yule shopping done without having to circle the lot sixteen times for a parking space! 

1. Chakra Candle Set-$16
There's nothing like a good chakra balancing! And while you don't need candles to do so, it can help add an extra layer of depth and cleansing. These candles are great because they're so versatile they can be used for anything from spell work to simply lending beauty and aroma to your home! And because everyone loves candles, they even make a great secret Santa gift! For the hippies among us (hear, hear!), they're made with essential oils. Yay for nature! 

I treated myself to this journal a few months ago and I LOVE it! I love the leather strap wrap-around. I love the charms attached to the woven leather binding. I love the tree of life imprinted on the front. The paper quality is great. Seriously, guys, $20 is a steal for this. And it comes in a variety of colors and images!

Since I purchased this online, I understood I might be getting a less-than-stellar product. But I was wrong! This would make an AWESOME Book of Shadows for your fellow Pagans, or a kick-ass journal for the writers in your life. I honestly love this journal so much I plan on purchasing a second for my herbal medicine notes. I mean, I'm getting excited over a JOURNAL here, folks! Trust me, it's awesome. 

3. Blessings Incense-$16

Now, before you think I must have completely lost my penniless mind to spend $16 on incense, let me tell you this is a box of TWELVE! As in, 12 gifts. Or 12 stocking stuffers. Or, if you're anything like me and have an unhealthy obsession with incense (and blessings...?) one super awesome gift of a year's supply of yummy, blessing-scented incense.

"WTF does a blessing smell like?" you ask.

Generally, I'd say puppy breath. But this particular blessing incense smells fantastic! It's floral yet earthy and not at all overpowering. You're talking to someone who gets migraines from perfumey scents, so I can assure you this is a wonderful balance of feminine and aromatic yet grounded and herbal. Unfortunately, Google doesn't have a scratch-and-sniff app yet, so you're just going to have to trust me on this one! It's my favorite incense, and I bet it will be yours too! 

4. Himalayan Salt Lamp-$20

Salt lamps don't just had tranquil ambiance to a room, they also help purify the air! I keep mine on my nightstand so I can read (Ahem...into the wee hours of the morning) without waking my husband or disrupting my own melatonin production. Their warm, fire-like light is perfect for creating a witchy ambiance for an altar or spell room! Love me a good salt lamp!

This book is great for those who like to cast in the kitchen since it's filled with the magickal properties of herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables... even honey and syrup! Scott Cunningham was a unique individual who loved encouraging people to explore their own innate power. He wrote many books on solitary witchcraft, and I highly recommend his work to people who are new to Paganism. 

6. Tiger's Eye Hamsa Hand Bracelet-$15

I love Etsy. You get to purchase really unique items while supporting people who are pursuing their passion. What's not to love? 

Recently, I started having a lot of trouble absorbing other people's energy. No matter how much I grounded or shielded myself I just couldn't keep myself from sucking up others' crappy moods (due to my own vulnerable state, but that's another story). So I decided to get a piece of jewelry worn just for shielding. 

This bracelet is beautiful! The tiger's eye is great for energy shielding, and you can select from the Tree of Life charm or the Hamsa Hand, which is what I chose. After cleansing, charging, and blessing, I've noticed a marked difference in my energy field when out in public. And if you keep an eye out, the seller often has 50% off coupons on her store page, which is how I got this gorgeous baby at a steal of a price! Check her out and support small business!

I talk more about it here, but Fairy Tarot Cards are my favorite tarot cards. They are perfect for beginners because they have the meanings already printed on them. And while they are upbeat, they WILL tell you if you need to get your act together. I've found them to be accurate, easy to use, and they're under $14. Score! 

If you'd like a more direct answer (think Magic 8 ball for the New Age), these Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards are amazing! I go into more detail here, but essentially I happened upon them and felt compelled to purchase them, which was surprising because I'm not much of a unicorn person. I've been using these for years, and have always found them to be uplifting and reassuring! And their art is gorgeous! 

9. White Sage Smudge Sticks-$8

Boy, do I love to smudge! I smudge myself. I smudge the house. I smudge the cat...when he's not looking. He gets pretty annoyed with me once he sees the smoke circling his head. These white sage smudge sticks come in a three pack for less than $8. That's a smoking deal!

...Did you see what I did there? Did you see it?

While you can purchase kits that include shells and feathers, I recommend using a bowl that's either personal to you or is something you already have. Of course, if you want a treat then by all means get a pretty bowl. You work hard. You deserve it. =D But if you're new to smudging and aren't sure where to start—all you need is some sage, a match, and a quick tutorial on how to smudge. No need to complicate things! ;)

Shameless plug? Yup! It keeps the blog running, so you have to cut me a little slack. ;) Give a gift that will keep them immersed in full moon magick all year long! Thirteen spells and rituals (enough to cover those super special blue moon years!) that are easy and affordable, as well as an herbal substitution guide, money-saving tips for spell supplies, advice on successful casting, and more! Available in e-book AND paperback!

Wishing you a Blessed Yule!

What's your favorite thing about Yule?

*Prices may change. Please note all items were under $20 at the time of this post. Some of the above links are affiliate links, which means I make a small percentage AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU. Affiliate links help keep PennilessPagan.com alive and supplied, so thank you!!♥

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  1. Is the book offered in print? If not you should really consider it. I would love to buy your book but I can't excuse something I can't hold/feel/take into circle with me.

    1. Hello, Melissa!

      I would love to offer the book in print, but unfortunately, being an independent author, print books are quite expensive. I've looked into many options and all would require me to charge high prices just to break even. Since I don't feel comfortable asking readers to pay such a high price, I do offer a printable version that would allow you to print what you'd like when you needed it. You can find more details here:

      While I understand this isn't optimal, I wanted to give readers an affordable option. The upside is the printable version is the same price as the e-book. PLUS you'll be able to download the book in numerous formats at no additional charge, so you could peruse it on an e-reader or computer and then print what you wanted to use in your circle or even for your Book of Shadows!

      Please know I'm still on the hunt for an affordable print copy! I do understand the desire to have a physical book in hand, and I'm trying my best to make that happen for you in an economical manner!

      Thanks for your interest! =D

  2. A word about salt lamps: they are hydrotropic. They pull moisture out of the air. If you live in a muggy climate like Memphis (as I do), you may find yourself with an unexplained puddle under your lamp (as I did).

    1. Yes! Great point to note, Angelia. Fortunately, they make up for salty puddles with their comforting glow. ;) Thanks for taking a moment to share your insight! =D

    2. I had this exact problem and was mystified! I found as long as I kept the lamp ON there was no puddle. So that's what I did.... Worked for me but I'm in only a moderately humid climate so this may not work where it's really muggy. Also I put the lamp on a plate for good measure. Hope that helps.


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