Anxiety Release Spell

I once read that anxiety doesn't come from thinking about the future but from trying to control it. I believe this to be absolutely true.

Case in point: my recent trip to Phoenix.

My husband and I decided to take a short trip to Phoenix for a variety of reasons, not limited to our need for REAL desert. Not this scraggly plot of nothing that mocks me from just outside my window. I mean, not that there's any burnout or resentment going on here. Nope. Nada. After all, I do have a beautiful tree that hangs into my yard. All is well. BREATHE, I said! All is well! ;)

Whew, I think we hit a nerve there.

ANYWAY, knowing we'd be away for two days, we did what any pet owner would do and asked a trusted friend to watch our feline furbaby.

...and then I proceeded to spend the weeks leading up to the trip imagining the worst possible outcomes in my mind. I was raised by a worrier. This shit is in my blood. And while I've made strides in silencing that nagging Type A voice, nothing gets me more freaked out than thinking about something happening to my whisker-faced baby! But I needed to go to Phoenix. The trip wasn't just for pleasure; I needed to see my acupuncturist. Therefore, I had to let go. I had to relinquish my control.

Which gave me anxiety.

Which I didn't enjoy.

So I turned to magick, because that's where I find my solace. Well, that and nature. Hence my love for the aforementioned tree that hangs into my yard. I spend many-a-hours staring at that leafy blessing. *sigh* It's the little things, I tell you. You have to relish those little things. ;)

Below you'll find my Anxiety Release Spell. And you know what? It WORKED! Anytime a worry popped into my head, I reminded myself of the spell, took a deep breath, and trusted all would be well. And since my little fur bottom is sitting behind me as I write this, purring as he takes in the mild scents of a Southwestern fall, I know my anxiety was all for naught! And I did myself and my body a favor by releasing that crap to the Universe, knowing those infinite energies would handle the rest. 

Anxiety Release Spell

What You'll Need:
-A sheet of paper
-A pen or pencil
-A burning bowl or fire pit
-Matches or lighter

How to Conjure:

- On one side of the paper, write down what you're worried about. Don't concern yourself with messy handwriting or spelling. Just let that anxiety flow. For example, if you're anxious about giving a presentation at work you may write something like, "I'm worried my presentation will be a flop. I'm concerned I'll stutter and have difficulty finding words. I don't want my nerves to undermine my purpose."

-On the other side of the paper, write down the outcome you desire. Back to the presentation example, you may write, "I want the words to come to me easily, so I can present my point with confidence and clear communication. I want to be calm and centered. I want my presentation to be well received." 

- Fold the piece of paper as desired and take it outside to be burned. As always, please exercise caution when using fire. Have a fire extinguisher or water hose readily available. 

-Place the sheet of paper in the bowl. As you touch the match or lighter to the paper, say:

Universe, carry my worries into the sky;
In your hands it will be all right.

-Once the paper is completely burned, pour a good amount of water over the ashes and stir until all the embers are doused and the water is gray (or grey if you're in the UK ;D). Pour the mixture into the grass or soil, thus relinquishing your worries to nature!

You're all done! Now, anytime that fruitless anxiety creeps in, remind yourself that you released it into the Universe. Those concerns are no longer yours!

And remember, my fretful friend, all is well! Just breathe! ♥

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What do you do to let go of stress?

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