Pinterest Gone Pagan: Potato Skin Protection Spell

It's football season!

...which means not a damn thing in my house. I'm not a sports person. Sorry. I know this may ruin our friendship, but I'm hoping to lure you back with the promise of magick and bacon.

Oh, that's right. BACON!

Granted, potato skins aren't exactly the first thing to come to mind when people think of kitchen witchery, but therein lies my point. Literally anything can be turned into a spell. Isn't that pretty freaking awesome?! There's also no reason not to have a little silly fun when casting. All that happy, vibrant energy only solidifies your intent!

So how does creamy cheese and fresh, zingy chives turn into a protection spell? Actually, this one is pretty straight forward.

...I'll hang on while you grab a notebook.

Potatoes, chives, and cheese are all used for protection in magick.

Wasn't worth getting up, was it? Ahhh...Michaela, you tricky little witch!

I recommend this recipe from The Wicked Noodle (here's the pin). This is mostly because I love the blog name, which is wicked awesome. 

...It's a New England thing. We love our "wicked." Just watch Mr. Deeds and let Adam Sandler confirm it. Although, he does a pretty bad impression of a New Englander, which is really quite strange because he is one. Maybe he's being hyperbolic, which is so unlike him. =P

As a side note, Just Go With It was an entertaining movie. 

Maybe you should watch it while eating these protective potato skins. Yes... *drums fingers together ala Mr Burns. * That's how I'm going to tie this whole thing together.

As you sprinkle on the cheese, picture yourself surrounded in a protective bubble. While they bake in the oven, imagine yourself safe and secure. And as you take your first flavorful bite, solidify your spell by envisioning yourself shrouded in a protective light that follows you wherever you go.

See, it's easy to turn any meal into a spell. All you need is the right intent, a little visualization, and a sprinkle or two of "wicked." ;)

What's the weirdest ingredient you've used in a spell? 

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