Full Moon Dream Drop Wishing Well

Several months ago, I released my first book: By the Light of the Moon: 13 Simple & Affordable Pagan Spells & Rituals for a Year of Full Moon Celebrations.

You've probably heard me mention it a time or fifteen, mostly because it's what allows me to keep the blog financially alive. At the time of the release, I had a post detailing the contents of the book along with a few sneak peek photos.

But now the time has come, my friends. The time where I give you a sneak peek spell! Because, come on, what Pagan doesn't love themselves a good sneak peek spell?

Without further delay, go to nature and get to casting, my witchy friend! 

Full Moon Dream Drop Wishing Well
Approximate Hands-on Time: 20 minutes

When I was a child, I fantasized about having a wishing well in my backyard. Even the wooden wishing wells used as gardening accessories made me long for a well of my very own, convinced they were the gateway to a magickal realm just beyond my well-less grasp. Oh, how I yearned to be able to reach between the circular stone walls and draw my fingers across the mirror-like surface of the cool earth water, just like Snow White. Birds would gather ‘round, and we’d sing together and sew dresses and such. Yup, if I had me a well, life would be good!

Of course, as a kid I also wished I was a pilgrim and a whale. I was a very strange little child.

As an adult, I still desire a well, though it has a lot more to do with water bills than helpful chipmunks. Yet no witch can deny the mystical enticement of a well, especially the pretty ones with cool pails on a pulley. My inner child yearns to creep out on a moonlit night (dressed in a long velvet cloak, of course) to cast and conjure in the darkness, binding my spell by tossing pebbles into the water. I would listen carefully through the sound of rustling leaves and croaking frogs for the telltale splash that confirms my spell has begun, magick has been woven, my arcane wishes have been granted.

So, my fair ladies and lads, I invite you to satisfy your own well wishes (did you see what I did there? Double entendres are fun!) with your own personal Full Moon Dream Drop Wishing Well.

What You’ll Need:

-A jar or bowl, preferably clear
-4-6 small rocks or pebbles
-A permanent marker (Sharpie works best)

How to Conjure:

★Using the marker, write an aspiration on each rock, preferably one or two words each. For example: Abundance, happiness, health, new job, healthy relationship, new home, etc.

★Fill the jar or bowl with water. Take the jar and your wishing stones outside or by a moonlit window.

★Sit quietly for a moment (preferably in the grass or soil) and center yourself.

★One by one, carefully drop each wishing stone into the jar as you envision the assigned word coming to fruition. For example, if you’re casting for happiness, picture all the simple pleasures that make you happy as you release the stone into the water. If you’re casting for health, imagine yourself in tip-top shape, stretching and moving without any pain or illness.

★Once each wishing stone has been released into the water, hold the jar or bowl in your hands and say:

Water, Moon, Earth, and Night,
Bring forth the visions I’ve conjured in sight.
Water by ocean, by snow, and by rain,
This spell has been cast, these wishes attained.

★Leave the jar outside overnight or on a moonlit windowsill. In the morning, pull the stones from the water and allow to dry. Return the water to the earth. If desired, you may keep your wishing stones with you until your spell manifests. Otherwise, place them in a safe place and know the Goddess has heard your moon wishes!

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek! If you're looking for more fun and magickal ways to celebrate the full moon, get your copy of By the Light of the Moon today!

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