Doubts and Fears Tarot Spread

I've been using tarot cards a lot lately, possibly because I finally found a deck that works for me. 

Or maybe because I occasionally need the Universe to tell me, "Hey, calm your ass down. All in good time."

I'm a Taurus, as in The Bull. I'm also an ox in Chinese zodiac. Basically, my life lesson is patience, to which I've decided I'll learn somewhere around 96 years old, thus granting me a long lifespan.

Universal loophole? Quite possibly.

Anywho, I have a way of worrying about shit that is 100% out of my control. Sure, you can plan for the future—savings accounts, spells and casting, taking steps toward your goal. But ultimately, the future is out of your control. Before you send me a nasty-gram, keep in mind I mean the literal future. You can't control 3 years from now. Hell, you can't truly control 3 minutes from now. If you could, no one would ever have car accidents, receive life-altering phone calls, or spill a glass of milk.

...I feel the order of importance was a little disorganized there.

But you get my point. At least, I hope you do. You absolutely need to take measures to ensure the future you want. That's why you learn a trade, save for a new home, and don't live off chocolate cake and coffee. Because no matter how good that indulgence tastes right now, you're *probably* not going to live to your declared 96 years of age off sugar and caffeine. 

So once the plans have been set, the spells have been cast, and money is stored away into savings, what can a Nervous Nelly do to quell (often irrational) fears?


And maybe a little yoga. At least until pot is legalized. we're back to chocolate cake. I feel that most of life's problems could be solved by chocolate cake. 

What I'm trying to say is sometimes we just need a Divine message to tell us, "You're doing everything you can, and you're doing a great job. But now you need to let go and have a little faith in this wondrous, benevolent energy you call The Universe." Other times we need guidance to point us toward needed changes. Therein lies the heart of this spread.

Bear in mind tarot is not a rigid tool but an art of interpretation. It's a skill that, I believe, is a life-long journey which transforms over time. What a card means to you now might have an alternate meaning in thirty years. What a card illustrates to me may mean something entirely different to you. Just as nature shows us, nothing is permanent in this world. Everything is in a state of transition. And much of life is a matter of perspective. The same applies to tarot. Listen to your instincts when using this spread. Don't let guidelines limit you. And if you're very upset, wait until you're calm and clear-thinking before you draw. In my experience, when our emotions are jumbled the reading will be too.

If you're really feeling worried, try anxiety journaling. If you're seeking stress release, try a natural approach

Remember, if you've done everything within your control to attain your desires, it's time to step back and let your seeds grow. As long as you put forth the necessary effort, the Universe is working in your favor. Give it time. It kind of knows what It's doing! ;)

Do you have a favorite tarot spread for when you're feeling worried or doubtful?

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