3 Ways to Celebrate Lughnasadh (Lammas)

Grab a beer, it's Lughnasadh! Otherwise known as Lammas, the celebration of the harvest. 

As with any Sabbat, Lughnasadh (loo-na-sa)) is a time to honor The Wheel as the sultry summer days give way to cooler nights, that fragrant hint of autumn tantalizing the senses with an alluring aroma so subtle you question if you're imagining it.

For me, I totally am. As I stood in my driveway on the 4th of July, watching the fireworks burst in vivid shimmers over the town, I could swear I smelled the faintest scent of fall. 

...My mother really should have named me Autumn. Strangely, she almost named me Summer. It's like we were sorta on the same page but just a touch off, which is, in essence, our entire relationship. ;)

Falling between summer and autumn, Lughnasadh, which is honored on August 1st, is a Sabbat of transition. Now is the time to reflect on where you are in life and make any needed adjustments. And since Lughnasadh is a harvest celebration, it's also a time to nosh!

If you're looking to celebrate Lughnasadh without spending a dime, here are three easy ways!

Feed the birds
Grain is the most appropriate food for Lughnasadh, and there's something really grounding and spiritually-nourishing about pampering nature's critters on a Sabbat. Grab a bag of seed and head to the park. Make a bird feeder out of pine cones, peanut butter, and seed. Or scatter the seed around your yard. Whatever way you choose, make sure to enjoy the serenity of watching the birds feast! 

Butter some popcorn
As I said above, grain is the food of choice for this Sabbat, so treat yourself to a brimming bowl of buttered popcorn! But don't eat in a rush as we all too often do. Whether you're watching a movie, playing a board game, or simply chowing down with your family, really savor each buttery, crunchy morsel. 

Eat grilled cheese
When was the last time you had a grilled cheese? It's really quite an underrated sandwich if you ask me. 

Bread for Lughnasadh is a very common staple. Why not amp it up with your favorite cheese? Having something simple for dinner, like grilled cheese or even breakfast foods like pancakes, is such a treat after a busy day. Say a blessing over your bread, customize as desired, and relish in the simplicity of the meal and the holiday!

Enjoy the bounty, my friends! And remember, while summer may be coming to a close, that means autumn is on it's way! That is a very, very good thing because October and pumpkins and broomsticks and SAMHAIN!

...I didn't become a Pagan because my favorite holiday was Flag Day, mmmkay?! =P

Happy Lughnasadh!

If you're looking for more ways to celebrate Lughnasadh without spending a dime, check out 3 Ways to Celebrate Lammas.

What's your favorite Lughnasadh treat?

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The Truth about Spiritual Bloggers

From an outsider's perspective, it may appear that a person working on their spirituality, in particular bloggers who write about it, have it all together. They don't get angry. They don't get depressed. Their day starts with tea and fairies, and their night ends with little song birds tucking them in and leaving a mint on their pillow.

For morning breath, you know?

The world has plenty of sadness and misery. If you don't know that, try not to turn on the news because it will obliterate your happy little bubble. They do a fantastic job of highlighting all the garbage and rarely, if ever, addressing the goodness in the world. Because it is there. Don't let the media fool you. =D

I'm a pretty realistic person. Positive and optimistic? Yes. Choosing to see the bright side?  ...Errr most days, sure. But I'm most definitely a realist. Because of this, I strive to be honest with you lovely readers since I believe honesty is the only way we can learn from one another. 

So in case you're left wondering how I blog, write books, cast spells, and get dinner on the table by five all while keeping a Stepford-like smile plastered on my face, here's your answer: I don't. 

My life is far from perfect. Any being walking this planet, human or otherwise, lacks a perfect life. Trust me, even nature struggles. Just yesterday I had to break up a fight between a jack rabbit and a cottontail in my backyard. See, even the bunnies have discord.

Side note, I never thought I'd ever hear myself yelling, "Stop beating on the cottontail!" as I ran into the desert wilderness, my turquoise peasant skirt billowing in the acrid breeze. Life is weird. The cosmos have an unquestionably twisted sense of humor.

But in the flawed mess that is life, there is also a hell of a lot of beauty to behold. That's not denial through positivity. That's not a "fluffy bunny" outlook. It's what is. At least in my world. Because I've made the choice to be happy. We all approach this plane differently. I choose to see magic. If you're reading this, I'm guessing you feel that way too.

I try to be open and honest in my posts in order to demonstrate the real experience of spirituality because, yes, it can sometimes appear unattainable through the perfectly posed Instagram photos and carefully crafted tweets. That is one of the reasons why 
I bitch discuss my displeasure for my current desert living situation. Not to vent, but to give you the whole picture. I'm stumbling through life just like anyone else. There are days I wonder how the hell I have yet to find myself submerged in a pit of quicksand, befuddled and shoeless, wondering where I left my phone.

Life is messy. That doesn't mean you can't conjure some kickass spells. Or relish in the simplicity of a balmy summer morning. Or watch in awe as a seed flourishes into a plant. I mean, that is really flipping crazy if you think about it. Trees start out as tiny seeds. If that isn't magical, I don't know what is! Have you ever really stopped to appreciate that human beings are formed from two microscopic entities, cells dividing time and time again to create bones and flesh and a heart? That's really quite insane!

....I assure you I'm not high. You're welcome to check my keyboard for Cheetos residue.

The truth about spiritual bloggers is we're not out-of-touch ninnies who have no idea about real world crises. For this particular blogger, my positivity isn't formed from lack of life experience; it's embraced in spite of it. I speak of hope because I've known despair. I've tried miserable. It sucked. Like, a lot. And if trying to spread a little optimism and cheer makes me a fluffy bunny, then get me some goddamn rabbit ears, because I choose happiness. Just make sure they're pink.

Hmmm, I wonder if the cottontails will take me on as one of their own. Ah, now there's looking on the bright side! =P

What attributes do you most appreciate in a blogger? What are some of your favorite blogs that cheer you up when you're having a bad day?

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Magical Destinations of the Northeast by Natalie Zaman

Several weeks ago I received an e-mail from a wonderful gal named Natalie. Ms. Zaman asked if I'd be willing to review her book entitled, Magical Destinations of the Northeast: Sacred Sites, Occult Oddities, and Magical Monuments

Now, let me make one thing clear—I love books. Like, I'm the dork who will wax poetic about the smell of libraries. I adore books.

But I also love the Northeast. Being stuck Currently living in the Southwest has yet to stifle my melancholia for my beloved New England roots. Somehow, dust and spindly bushes that wield deadly thorns as long as my pinky finger have yet to warm my soul the way the briny scent of the Atlantic and the musical rustle of autumn leaves has.

Don't believe me on the thorns? Oh, I have proof, my friend.

How did I discover these lovely aberrations of nature? One went through my leather shoe and stabbed my foot. 

....a leather shoe. The desert is trying to kill me, guys.

*calming breath*

Now, I'm not sure if Natalie realized how well-suited I was for her book. The mere fact that it involves the Northeast and is, well, a book is enough to interest me. But what she didn't know, what no one knew until this very moment, is that my husband and I have spent the last year planning an extensive RV trip to commence mid 2018. Once his contract is up and we leave the desert in—quite literally—a trail of dust, we will spend the following nine months or so traveling the country, nourishing the soul with anything green, rainy, or green and rainy.

Side note, I can't FLIPPING wait for Oregon. I'm half convinced I will refuse to leave, gripping a moss-covered tree with all my life as my husband ties my feet to the RV bumper and begins to drive. Which, in case you were wondering, he's totally bluffing. I mean, how far can you get before a cop pulls you over for having half a person trailing behind your rig? Surely there are laws against dismembered bodies and vehicular travel...

The day I got Magical Destinations of the Northeast I immediately began reading. Natalie did a fantastic job of opening the book with a personal experience, one that conjured vivid images of a young, pregnant Natalie seeking solace in a long-sought-after metaphysical bookstore. It's clear this kismet experience had a profound influence on her life, inspiring her to write this wonderful book. 

I was also genuinely impressed by the amount of information packed into this sucker. I'm not going to lie, there's a LOT of information, certainly more than I could absorb in one sitting. Fortunately, it doesn't read like a text book. Her manner of writing yields a fluid, easy prose that makes for an enjoyable travel guide for witches, Pagans, Wiccans, and those interested in the myth and legend of one of the most breathtaking parts of America.

...Not that I'm biased or anything. ;)

What I enjoyed most were the simple, regional-appropriate spells sprinkled throughout the chapters that incorporated elements of local plants, trees, and area-specific folk tales. It's a really cool detail that I think the nature lovers among us will very much enjoy.

My favorite part was reading about the White Mountains and Polar Caves located in New Hampshire, mostly because this was the area my family camped for one week every summer during my childhood. It's a truly magical part of New Hampshire that always spoke to my soul, even as a shy young girl. Reading Natalie's almost lyrical description of this sacred place made me sigh with longing and get excited about visiting again! 

If you're piqued by the intrigue that is the Northeast, a place rich with history and lore, I highly recommend Magical Destinations of the Northeast  for your next road trip. Just be sure to leave some room in the car for yours truly. It's okay, I'll totally ride in the trunk. Just toss me a water bottle and an occasional potty break, and you won't even know I'm in there. 

...Until I smell the briny siren call that is the Atlantic. Then all bets are off. =D

Have you ever visited a spiritual location you discovered in a book? What's your favorite local legend?

Magical Destinations of the Northeast was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. Please note I do not review or recommend products I do not personally appreciate and endorse! 

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