5 (More) Ways to Celebrate Samhain (Without Spending a Dime)

Isn't Samhain the most wonderful time of The Wheel? Nutmeg-dusted pumpkin pie. Sweet apple cider. Sweatshirts. Cute boots. A warm mug of pumpkin-spiced latte. That crisp aroma of promise dancing through the trees, rattling the colorful leaves from their perch high upon a swaying branch.

Are you one of those people that kicks their way through a leaf pile like a leggy Rockette dancing her way down 5th Avenue? Best part of autumn, if you ask me—all those magical, wonderfully crunchy leaves skittering across pavement, each step releasing that blissful plume of sweet woodsy fragrance.

*sigh* I'm there...

As Samhain draws near and the veil between our world and the next thins to near transparency, celebration is probably on your mind. 

Well, celebration and miniature chocolate bars. Who doesn't love stuffing a whole minature Milky Way into their mouth?

If you're looking for the basics of Samhain, such as meaning, appropriate colors, and symbolic foods, head on over here. But if you're looking for 5 (more) ways to celebrate Samhain without spending a dime, you've come to the right place! Grab a mug of cinnamon tea, kick up those fuzzy-socked feet, snack on a slice of Pumpkin Pie Money Spell, and let's look at all the ways we can honor our departed loved ones as well as the cycle of life!

Carve a pumpkin
She's kidding, right? As if I don't already know carving a pumpkin on Samhain is like, well, carving a flipping pumpkin on Samhain!

Nope, I'm not kidding. Instead of your typical toothy jack-o-lantern, take a few extra moments to carve a loved one's initial into a pumpkin and honor them on this sacred Sabbat. 

Here's mine from last year. Now, please understand I had no intentions of sharing this photo, so it's not my best camera work. But I enjoyed this tribute so much that I decided I had to share it with you fine individuals. I will most definitely be including another memorial pumpkin in my Samhain rituals this year.

I didn't use a template; I simply drew out what I wanted and started hacking away, making sure enough of the "B" remained attached so it wouldn't break off during carving. Barley's beautiful soul walked this planet on four legs, hence the (albeit awkwardly carved) paw print. Feel free to get creative! If your grandfather loved fishing, center the letter in a fish cutout. Maybe use a maple leaf for a nature-loving friend. If you decide to carve a sentimental jack-o-lantern, please send me a photo! I'd love to see it!

Paper Pumpkin Cutouts
Whether you make pumpkin shapes from construction paper or buy some pre-designed pumpkin cutouts at the store, take a few moments to write your departed loved one's names on the decorations and tape them in a window. On this night of the thinned veil, legend says the departed spirits walk the earth, looking for their loved ones. Let them know they are remembered and missed. Feeling extra attuned with the season? Use fallen leaves instead!

Eat your feelings
Listen, we've all done it—eaten junk food to squelch our emotions. Plus it's Halloween and, you know, sugar.

If you're baking cookies for Samhain or any time during October, use a toothpick or butter knife to write your transcended loved ones' names into the cookies before baking. When you're ready to snack, take a moment to remember their life and what contributions they made to yours. Before digging in, simply say, "You are remembered."

Raise your vibrations by raising the roof
You know how shitty you feel after a loved one dies? That swampy-pile-of-regurgitated-doo-doo-sitting-in-the-summer-heat feeling of despair that only great loss can bring about? That makes it really difficult for spirits to communicate with us because our vibrational signature is churning at an extraordinarily low frequency. Like, Brad Garrett levels of low. 

If you're feeling the raw burn of a recent loss, nothing is going to shake you from that grief, and it's important to let yourself experience those painful emotions so you can heal. But if you're feeling just a touch blue because of the meaning of the Sabbat, now is the time to take a deep breath, think of a funny memory, and celebrate life. Their life. Your life. All life. 

Watch a funny Halloween movie (Hocus Pocus is a favorite!). Sing loudly to a goofy Halloween song ("Monster Mash" is routinely sung in my home during the month of October.). Dance. Take a walk. Call a friend. Whatever you need to do to embrace the beauty of life, take the time to do so. Because while sadness is a normal response, swimming in those dark waters too long can be very damaging—to your health, to your mind, to your spirit. Throw a bonfire. Host a movie marathon. Plan a costume party. Find something that makes you happy and chase it. Because the best way to honor the dead is by embracing life! 

Use a sigil
Carved into a candle, hidden in the soft inner flesh of a jack-o-lantern, or written on the bottom of a stone to be left on your doorstep, a sigil is a simple symbol used to cast...well, anything!

While you can find designated sigils on the internet, such as runes, I highly recommend creating your own, which is much easier than you may think! Simply combine the letters of your wish to form one cohesive symbol, as seen in the (messy) example below.
If you're feeling particularly jaded by the news inspired to spread the love, write a blessing sigil, such as "peace" or "health" in chalk on your front step or the sidewalk in front of your house to bless all those who walk over it! 

Personalized sigils are extraordinarily useful! I plan on writing an entire post dedicated to these hardworking little emblems, so keep an eye out! 

There you have it! Five simple ways to honor the Sabbat and you haven't even finished your mug of tea. Didn't I promise you simple?! Hope you have an apple-bobbing, wood-fire-scented, cozy-sweater-wearing, pumpkin-spiced-flavored kind of Samhain! 

Happy Samhain, everyone! 

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Samhain Protection Salt

If you haven't heard, Samhain Traditions is now available in e-book and paperback!

...And if you have somehow managed to not hear me sqwak about it, I'm kind of sad. I mean, it's sort of all I'm talking about at the moment, so you must be avoiding me. Which makes the halls of the internet awakward as we pass each other on the way to bio class. Was it something I said? Is it because Jimmy claims we went to second base at Make-out Point down past the old soda shop? Because Jimmy's a goddamn liar. And we're not in the 1950's. So I'm not sure why I can't come up with a better make-out location than an empty cliff.

I've had a lot of tea this morning and it's a mere three weeks before Samhain. You'll have to forgive me if I'm unusually, ehh, feisty. We'll say feisty. So much more socially acceptable than certifiably insane.

ANYWHO! Samhain Traditions is out and all the cool kids are doing it. But, like the creepy twenty-year-old who still hangs out by the high school cafeteria, mourning his golden years and skeeving out the freshmen, I'm here to give you a free sample. Letcha see why all the cool kids are doing it.

...I think this kitschy scenerio got away from me somewhere. Should probably just get back to the facts before this gets any weirder.

Samhain Protection Salt is one of thirteen simple and affordable spells from Samhain Traditions. Well, actually one of fourteen. Because there's a simple BONUS spell. It's kind of my thing to toss in bonus spells, the way it's kind of Jimmy's thing to spread rumors.

Damn it, James!

If you're looking for a meaninful way to honor Samhain that will last throughout the year, Samhain Protection Salt is the ritual for you. But rather than talking about it—and leading us down a weird Stephen King-esque reminiscence of a decade of which I was not even alive— let's get straight to the spell!

Samhain Protection Salt
Approximate Hands-on time: 15 minutes

Whether it’s the scent of pumpkin bread and apple crisp, or the crimson leaves dancing in the October wind, or the warm embrace of a woolen sweater plucked from the depths of your closet, there’s something cozy and indulgent about autumn that brings out the domesticity in all of us. This is ever present in the magickal enchantment of Samhain.

Samhain Protection Salt is a ritual that provides strong protection all year long. Utilizing shielding herbs and the energy of your ancestors, this salt is a potent safeguard against negativity of all kinds. Sprinkle some in a sachet to banish nightmares. Use some around the exterior of your home to ward away those with ill intent. Add a sprinkle to a good-luck bauble to dispel unwanted vibrations. This herbal-infused salt literally has endless uses in your Craft to encourage protection, safety, and to disrupt negativity.

What You’ll Need:
Pen and paper
1 cup salt
2 Tablespoons dried rosemary (or several springs)
2 Tablespoons dried sage leaves (or several springs)
1 Tablespoon dried dill
Clean dry jar for storage

How to Conjure:
★ In bold letters on a small slip of paper, simply write:


★ Roll up the slip of paper and place it at the bottom of a cauldron or burning receptacle. Place the dried herbs on top. 

★ Standing in front of your cauldron with your palms facing the herbs, envision your ancestors standing beside you. Feel their energy, their love and blessings. Allow the peace of their presence to settle over you before lighting the herbs. When you are ready, ignite the paper and let the herbs burn to complete ash. You may need to reignite if the fire burns out. That’s okay! Be patient and enjoy the ritual.

★ Once your herbs are fully burned, grind them into powder by using a spoon, or pestle and mortar if you have one. It doesn’t need to be a perfect dust, just as fine as you can get it. No need to stress.

★ In a bowl, combine the salts and ash. Mix thoroughly. 

★ Take the bowl in your hands and say the following, all the while envisioning your ancestors standing beside you:

For protection, for safety, to banish negativity;
With my ancestors’ spirits united beside me.
To encourage the positive and dispel the rest,
I consecrate these salts, this spell is now blessed.

★ Pour the salts into a clean jar and store in a cool, dry place. If your salts clump, don’t fret! Simply stir before using.

Note: This salt is NOT suitable for ingestion! This salt is for spell use only!
Due to the ash, these salts can stain fabric, so please exercise caution.

See, I told you it'd be simple yet meaningful. I may go haywire on fictional boyfriends, but I'm a straight shooter when it comes to magick!

I hope you enjoyed this free spell from Samhain Traditions! If you're looking for more spells and rituals to help you celebrate Samhain year after year, grab yourself a copy today—available in e-book AND paperback! 

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Happy Samhain season, everyone!

What's your favorite Samhain tradition?

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This post contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase a product I make a small percentage that helps keep this blog running (but does NOT affect your cost). Thank you for your support!