Simple Ways to Weave Green Magick in an Apartment (Guest Post by Sarah Fawn Empey)

Hello, my fine Pagan kinfolk! Hopefully you can sense my gusto through your computer, because that was quite emphatic. Strange, really, because I haven't even had caffeine today. Guess hot water and lemon does a body good?
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ANYWAY, I'd like to introduce a wonderful blogger, tarot reader, and witch named Sarah. She's the fantastic mind behind If you haven't checked her out, you shoooould! She's wonderfully grounded, practical, and insightful! She also runs a lovely Etsy store where she offers some beautiful items that'll make you the envy of the coven. 
Take it away, Sarah!
Hey there! I suppose I best introduce myself before I just launch into writing :)
My name is Sarah and I am a witchy blogger over at, and I am simply delighted to be visiting the Penniless Pagan as a guest author today.
Green witching in apartments is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. This is quite possibly because I live in one. :D
An apartment is a home just as much as a house is. So it can be woven with just as much hearth magick.
Still, when you live up in the sky and just want to dig your hands into the soil, it can be challenging too. That doesn't mean it's impossible though ;) Even though you might not be able to garden directly in the earth you can still weave green magick with potting mix and some nifty window sill or balcony pots!
In this post, I’ve included a few of my favourite ways to green witch in an apartment as well as some tips on how to dry and store your magickal herbs when you have limited storage space.
Indoor Green Witching - Apartment Style
Depending on your apartment you may or may not have a balcony.
If you have a balcony, this presents a perfect opportunity for creating a mini green space. In warmer weather, you can line your balcony with planters or pots and plant to your heart’s content.
This past spring we moved to an apartment with a balcony and I found that basil, sage, green onions and rosemary all thrived quite well - despite being 15 stories up!
In magickal terms that means I grew:
  • protection (basil)
  • an energy cleanser (sage)
  • kitchen witchery (green onions)
  • hearthy goodness and protection (rosemary)
If you don’t have a balcony don’t sweat it. The previous home we lived in was a cosy basement apartment with minimal natural lighting and we still managed to grow magickal green babies.
You can find plants that will thrive just about anywhere. Snake plants, for instance, do quite well in minimal lighting - though they do need some lighting so don't go popping them in a room without any windows.
Now that the season has begun to cool and the plants can't stay outdoors anymore I've brought all my magickal green babies indoors. To maximise light for them and still have space we placed a side table in a corner by the balcony where they can soak up plenty of rays. Then, we put the smaller green babies in window sills.
If your window sills are packed Pinterest has some pretty cool hacks for indoor gardening or green witching ;) Think small stepping ladders converted into tiered gardens or potted plants hung from pieces of driftwood attached to the wall. I don't know about you but I think that those would be delightful projects to check out.
Not sure which herbs to plant? Follow your intuition. Consider which magickal energies call to you. Then do a dash of research to find which plants will thrive in the lighting in your home.
Drying Herbs
When your plants are ready to harvest or prune, you can easily dry them in your home. Then you can store them for magickal workings later.
For the basil, rosemary and sage I used a bit of twine wrapped around their stems and hung them upside down on an artsy sort of stick arrangement we have in our home.
If you happen to have some twigs lying around in your witchy closet arrange them in a vase and then hang your herbs on them for a similar effect.
For the green onions a different approach was needed so for these I prune back as needed. After a rinse to wash off any dust I use scissors to cut them into 1cm sections and lay these out on a plate in the kitchen to dry for a day or two.
Storing Magickal Herbs
When your herbs are all dried out then it's time to store them.
Have a spice rack? This can easily convert into a witchy storage space for your magickal herbs.
Then, uniquely shaped glass bottles from a craft shop like Michael's are another fun way to store your magickal herbs. These bottles also come in a variety of enchanting colours and are perfect for infusing a witchy cupboard with colour magick.
If you don't have a spice rack or space for glass bottles - place your herbs, once fully dry, in small plastic baggies from the dollar store. Then store all the wee bags of your herbs in a drawer or transparent plastic container. This is especially handy if you’re running short on space in your kitchen.
I personally use a combination of all of the above to store my herbs :)
No matter which herbs you choose to plant, with love and care you will soon be weaving green magick throughout your home )O(

Do you keep a magickal garden? What are your favorite magickal plants?

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