Souls' Feast Pumpkin Sacrifice

Oh, Samhain! How I love thee!

What isn't there to love about this magical time of year? Pumpkin bread and spiced apple cider. Crimson and gold foliage. Apple picking. Farmers' markets. Craft fairs. Blankets and bonfires and s'mores! You can honor your departed loved ones with sacred ritual and a few minutes later find yourself giggling on the couch with a bowl of buttered popcorn and a Halloween flick. It's just flipping fantastic!

With so many wonderful festivities, it's easy to feel overwhelmed when planning a Samhain ritual. But there's no need to over complicate it! If you're looking for a sentimental yet simple way to honor the sabbat, Souls' Feast Pumpkin Sacrifice is for you!

Legend says the souls of the departed walk the earth on Samhain night, taking advantage of the thinned veil to find their loved ones. Leaving a snack for departed souls to nosh on during their journey on this plane is a simple tradition I embrace every year. It’s also believed by many to be the origins of trick-or-treating. 

Of course, if you’re looking for supreme simplicity, you can leave a plate with a few veggies outside and return to your Halloween festivities. But since this is arguably the most important sabbat of the year, why not take a few extra minutes to add some beauty to this honored ritual?

What You’ll Need:
Miniature pumpkin
Food for sacrifice*
Knife/spoon for carving

*If you choose to leave your sacrifice outside or have pets in your home, PLEASE avoid foods considered poisonous to many animals, in particular dogs and cats. You can find a complete list on the ASPCA website, but the most common offenders are raisins, chocolate, grapes, onions, garlic, coffee, alcohol, and anything containing artificial sweeteners (especially aspartame and xylitol).
Note: Dried cranberries are depicted in the photo above, not raisins.

How to Conjure: 
Carefully cut a circle around the stem of your pumpkin and remove the seeds and innards. Set seeds aside for a delectable batch of Samhain Seed Spell (which can be found in Samhain Traditions).

Select your desired foods for the sacrifice and arrange inside the hollowed-out pumpkin. I like to use season fruits and vegetables because it’s festive and is generally incorporated into my Samhain meal, but you can use whatever you have on hand. Just please ensure it is safe for pets and wildlife if you intend to leave your pumpkin outside! 

Here is a list of generally safe, recommended items:

Seeded apples**
Seeded pears**
Cranberries (pictured above)

**Apple and pear seeds are considered poisonous to dogs and should therefore be removed.

Place your Souls' Feast Pumpkin on an interior windowsill or altar as a symbol of your sacrifice. If you choose to leave this sacrifice outside, I recommend placing it away from your home since it may attract critters. 

Once your pumpkin is situated, stand before your sacrifice and say the following simple incantation:

In honor of your life I offer you a sacrifice on this Samhain night.

Leave your Souls' Feast Pumpkin for a few hours (or overnight) before respectfully disposing of it.

Disposing of your pumpkin in a field or wooded area is a great way to honor the night while nourishing Mother Nature. Burying or composting is another suitable option, as this will breakdown in the ground and feed insects. Lastly, you can simply eat the food yourself! While it is true sacrifices generally remove any benefit to ourselves, this isn’t always the case. In this situation, the sacrifice is symbolic. It’s not offensive to eat the food, thus putting the sacrifice to use; it’s offensive to throw the food in the trash and be wasteful. =/ So grab some dip and enjoy those carrot sticks, my snacky friend!

Wishing you all a blessed, magickal Samhain!

Do you offer a sacrifice on Samhain? What's your favorite way to honor your ancestors?

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