Simple Little Abundance Spell

When I worked in the veterinary field, I washed my hands constantly. Like, cooooonstantly. 

You wash your hands when a patient (the woof-woof kind) enters a room so the owner knows you're not a dirty mo-fo.

You wash your hands before leaving a room, because you just got drooled on (not that I'm complaining!).

You wash your hands before using the restroom (because animal germs and hoo-has are not a good combination).

You wash your hands before leaving the restroom (because if you don't then you are a dirty mo-fo). 

You wash your hands after an owner brings in a stool sample. And after touching ANYTHING near the dreaded fecal counter (a designated counter that exists in every clinic used solely for running fecal samples and, according to this blogger, is among the most germ-infested areas in the country and should really be considered a level 4 hot zone).

....Seriously, if I even looked at the fecal counter I washed my hands. Have you seen other human beings? I don't trust that everyone wiped down the station when they were done running a fecal test. In fact, I witnessed lackadaisical disinfectant practices on many occasions.

You know what? Just to be safe I may burn this laptop and start this post on another computer. I'm fairly certain this is now contaminated from just talking about stool.

Okay, where was I? Poop. Magick. Humans are dirty....oh, right! Handwashing!

Clean People wash their hands quite a bit. Maybe not as often as someone in a healthcare field, but at least several times a day. Why not take that moment of sudsing and rinsing to cast a quick little spell? Think about the power manifesting in your spell if you gave it a mere fifteen seconds of focus several times a day! That's a lot of conjuring juju!

Despite sounding like someone who goes through three gallons of hand soap daily, I assure you I do not have a hand-washing problem. 

Other problems? Certainly. But not hand washing. This I can assure you.

But this spell did come to me while washing my hands one day. I enjoy watching the cleansing water cascade over my hands, especially if said hands are cold and I'm savoring a quick warm-up under the hot tap. As the suds flowed out of my palms, the visualization of money popped into my head and this spell was born! Hope you enjoy it almost as much as I enjoy never having to run a stool sample test ever again. =D

Yay for no poo! 

What You'll Need:

A sink
Your hands
15 seconds

How to Conjure:

Wash your hands like a decent human being who should do their level best not to spread Ebola.

As you suds up, imagine the bubbles are dollar bills multiplying in your hands, becoming so numerous they overflow, collecting in a large pile in the sink.

As you rinse your hands, imagine the water filling your palms is actually coins, filling up your cupped hands with shiny, sparkly coins so numerous you can't contain them all. (Of course, abundance isn't just money. If you're in need of something else—friendship, health, inspiration— alter this visualization to suit your needs. Get creative!)

Once the desired outcome is clearly shaped in your mind, simply say:

So Mote It Be!

That's it! Now you can dry your hands, change out of your bathroom socks and into your living room socks so you don't track around bathroom germs, and you're done!

Just kidding. Everyone knows bathroom socks need to be bleached and incinerated before exiting the bathroom.


I bet you really are beginning to wonder if I'm insane. Guess you'll never know. Muahahaha!

Now if you'll please excuse me, there are some nice people here who say they just want to help. I wonder what kind of detergent they use to keep their white jackets so clean...

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Do you practice a daily visualization?


  1. Why did reading this make me laugh until tears came? I am not sure if it's because I'm super visual or because I'm, in fact, insane. In any case, thanks for the laugh, Michaela. And also for a great idea. I have a ritual when I wash my hands too, or wash produce, floors, counters, etc. When I was stuff. I have a little chant that goes with it. it's designed to banish negative energy, to cleanse energetically while cleansing physically. It never occurred to me I can also use the washing ritual to draw things to me, such as abundance. Love this!

    1. Glad you got a giggle! Great idea on the produce. Never thought of that!

    2. I did as well... this is a very good way to keep peoples attention. I like it! And I love the manifestation spell idea. I'm going to try it.

  2. Thanks so much for offering such a simple pagan spell for abundance! I could really use some monetary/financial abundance now. Most of the other pagan spells I looked up require candles, herbs - supplies I don't have the money for yet. I so appreciate this spell!

    1. I'm so glad you found something that suits your needs! Many blessings! ♥

  3. I love this spell and intend to start using it right away!!! Thank you for the spell AND all the laughs!!! )o( blessed be

    1. Very happy I could offer a chuckle! =P Thank you so much for taking a moment to comment!

  4. Now THAT was cute. Thanks for the idea. I work with the older population so you know my hands stay clean!��

    1. Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! =D

  5. This was perfection. I love that you offer your wisdom in your own voice, unapologetically. That's how you attract and speak to the heart of your people. Love it!

    1. Tee hee. Thank you so much for your comment and kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed. =D


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