Mantra for Magick (AKA Witch Mantra)

Recently, as I watched a friend whip off his sunglasses to access his cell phone via retinal scan as we cruised down the highway at a cool 65 miles an hour, I experienced a moment of melancholy for a simpler time. 

Do you ever find yourself feeling this way? Yearning for a lifetime long ago lived, one you probably didn’t experience in this human body but in another? As if your soul is aching for what is now an echo of a previous existence, a ripple in the DNA of your higher spirit? When did a vibrating cell phone replace the sensation of earth pulsating beneath our bare feet? The singsong melody of a robin drowned out by a constant, distant grumble of engines? 

Have you ever experienced those breathtaking moments when, for just a solitary beat of the heart, humanity goes blissfully silent? No planes, or voices, or auto-tuned cellphone jingles, just the brush of tree branch against sky and a poetic bird chortle as your soul falls into transcendent harmony with the earth? For one singular moment you are submersed in the music of life and you find yourself thinking, “This! This is how it was supposed to be. This is the rhythm my soul yearns for.”

In a world steeped in high tech and high speed, it can be difficult to mine the natural magick from the weighty haze of technology and the ever-growing list of gadgets designed to simplify our life.

Because seriously, who feels like they have oodles of spare time courtesy of washing machines that can receive text messages and thermostats we can yell at from another room? As for me and my house, we shall walk to our thermal controls, by god

*Adjusts tinfoil hat*

During a time of imbalance in my own life, heretofore deemed The Desert Years, I found this grounding mantra to be a spiritual life preserver. On days when you’re tired of watching people FaceTime their dishwasher, take a few cleansing breaths, lay your hands over your heart, and say aloud this simple but profound mantra to instill peace in your spirit and magick in your soul. After all, the world is brimming with splendor if we’re willing to slow our minds and open our hearts to the experience! 

And if all else fails, order an Uber to drive you to the forest. ;)

Do you have a mantra that helps you return to center?

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