30 Days of Magick: Summer Edition!

Did you know in Chinese Medicine late summer is considered the fifth season? That’s right, my friends. Somehow we’re already on the descent of summer. Landing gear is out and drink trays are up, but it’s not quite time to stow your beach balls in the overhead compartments just yet. 

The magick of late summer is a special blend of wondrousness, which makes it the perfect time to reclaim your magick if you’ve been feeling a little out of touch with Mother Earth, The Universe, or your own inner power. Don’t know where to start? Well, that’s why I’m here! 

Click the photo below to download your very own printable and start reconnecting with nature! Using thirty fun and simple yet meaningful suggestions, you'll be on your way to once again seeing magick all around you! Use this sheet as a reminder to slow down and savor these waning days of late summer and early fall. Enjoy these little gems in no particular order, coloring in each box with whatever color feels appropriate that day. When you’re done, tuck it away in your Book of Shadows as a colorful memento. Though not required, you may enjoy journaling your experiences along the way. Or simply make notes in the margins. Keep it breezy, girl! 

Or boy. I don’t mean to ignore my male readers. All seven of you... =D 

I hope you enjoy this 30 Days of Magick sheet as much as I enjoyed creating it! Pour yourself an iced tea, grab a lawn chair, and let’s enjoy the beauty of life!

Embrace even more magick! Treat yourself to a Penniless Pagan spell book! Every purchase helps support the blog, so thank you!! ♥♥

Click for download!

Have you ever felt disconnected with nature? How do you reclaim your magick when feeling depleted? 

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