Full Moon's Secrets Tarot Ritual

The Full Moon is the siren of the sky, calling to us, beckoning us to play. Under her silver luminescence we cast and conjure, weaving spells and whispered incantations that swirl into the ether like fairy dust in the wind. 

We dance beneath her pale moonbeams as she draws something out of us, an innate connection to the hushed earth and star-kissed sky as all the unspoken wonder and majesty of the nighttime world hums through our veins beneath her rapturous light, carried by the same blood we share with our ancestors. We worship her snowy glow and meditate in her pooling light. We draw on her energy to enchant and incant. So often it is us who does the talking. Telling her of her beauty. Asking of her energies. But now it is time to listen! ;)

This Full Moon’s Secrets Tarot Ritual is part meditation, part conversation with that lustrous gal we call the Moon. It’s a few minutes spent in the silence of her magic(k)al light, allowing her energies to enter us and whisper their secrets. It’s simple but sincere. Quiet but also quite fun. It’s a wonderful way to spend a few minutes on a Full Moon’s night any time of year! So, shuffle up and enjoy, my moon-loving friends!

What You’ll Need:

A deck of tarot cards (you can also use runes, ogham, etc)
The Moon (Preferably Earth’s)

How to Conjure:

With your tarot cards in hand, sit quietly in the moonlight, taking deep slow breaths as you marvel at the Full Moon’s beauty. Envision her energy spiraling out of the sky, infusing your deck with silvery moonlight. Imagine the deck is glowing brightly, sending cool vibrations into the palms of your hands.

When you are ready, begin shuffling the deck as you chant:

Full Moon Goddess, reveal your secrets to me in a draw of three.

Continue chanting and shuffling until you feel the deck no longer needs shuffling, or until three cards have popped out. Remember, any cards that fall out during shuffling want to be heard. Unless you drop a bunch. Then you’re probably just clumsy. ;)  

Once you have your three cards, determine their meaning and notate in a journal, Book of Shadows, etc. If you’re still learning tarot, take a moment to appreciate the art of each card and note any intuition you feel before referencing the book.

See, simple yet meaningful! I hope you all enjoyed this ritual. But please remember, we don't gnaw on our Full Moon. Just love her. Stroke her. 

...Does anyone need a Hot Pocket? =P

Happy Full Moon!

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