The Self-Care Spell Book


The Self-Care Spell Book: 13 Self-Care Spells & Rituals for Pagans, Wiccans, Witches, Empaths, HSPs, & you!

Infuse your life with the replenishing power of self-care magick! Whether you’re feeling depleted and burned out, in need of a new friendship, or seeking to heal a broken heart, The Self-Care Spell Book is loaded with simple yet powerful spells and rituals to nourish your soul and revitalize the spirit.

Join Michaela from to explore 13 BRAND NEW never-before-published spells— including Self-Love Medicine Bags, Merry Meet Friendship Spell, Anxiety Release Spell, Broken Heart Chakra Oil, Bad Luck Rut Reversal Spell, Self-Forgiveness Spell, Path Unseen (A Spell for Hope), and many more! Most spells can be completed in less than 15 minutes, many at no cost.


—Crystal Guide: Featuring 19 crystals and their self-care properties, how to care for your crystals, & a meditation to help you connect with your crystals.
—Chakra Guide: understanding the 8 major chakras & an easy-to-follow meditation to keep your chakras cleansed and balanced.
—Affirmations for magickal self-care
—Journal prompts for magickal self-care and self-love
—50 Tiny Acts of Self-Care for when you need a little TLC but are low on time
—Two bonus spells (fifteen spells total!) to help you manage stress with spiritual magick

Explore the soul-soothing rituals of magickal self-care today! ♥

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