3 Ways to Bind a Disturbed Spell (After Some MoFo Jacked it Up)

It happened the other night.

...Oh, I'm sorry. Before I begin, let's cue some cheesy horror movie music and the fog machine. Okay, now let me try again.

It happened the other night. I was preparing dinner, minding my own DAMN business (Kevin Hart voice, anyone?) when my husband came downstairs and asked that dreaded question: Is that jar on your desk important?

"Which jar," I asked, the apprehension growing inside of me.

"The little jar of sand on your desk," he said, unaware of the fear swelling in my gut. "Was it important?"

*Cue thunder. Lightning flashes! ....but no rain. Please don't ruin this 6 month drought with a drop of rain...*

"What happened to the jar?" I questioned. But I already knew the answer.

And thus began a witch's worst fear: someone disrupting your spell despite you having tucked it away for safety.  (But Michaela, didn't you say it was on your desk? That's not really hiding it. Yes, dear reader, it was on MY desk. In MY office. Are you sensing my tone? =P)

I'm sure you've been in this position—put a spell somewhere bizarre, trusting it was in such an obscure place no one would disturb it. But that's the thing with kids, I mean husbands, they somehow sense when something was supposed to remain untouched. That hidden stash of PMS chocolate. The special guest towels that are not engine-grease resistant. The spell you so carefully crafted to ensure a bright future. 

...and in case the male readers are feeling a bit shunned, you should see what I do to that poor man's garage when I'm looking for a tool. We're simpatico. We have a beautiful marriage. =D

Nonetheless, for the first time in my witchy career I found myself wondering how I was going to correct my spell after my dear, sweet, patient, garage-organizing husband knocked it over. Years of stored information flipped through my mind like a neurological Rolodex of Pagan tidbits (If you were born after 1995, just replace "Rolodex" with "Google"). Fortunately, I've been doing this for a while and have lots of tricks up my proverbial sleeve.

Here's the top 3 simplest ways to bind a spell after it's been disturbed:

This is the easiest approach, especially for "loose" spells, like salt or herbs left in open jars. After saying the spell below, trace three pentagrams in the air above your reassembled spell while chanting "So Mote it Be!" three times. 

Burn a fresh candle
The candle acts as a sort of sacrifice to the blunder. You'll want to choose a specific amount of time to allow the candle to burn. If it's important, and I'm guessing it is if you took the time to work a spell, I'd suggest 3 hours. But I wouldn't do any less than three minutes if you're in a rush.

Bind with ribbon
This is great for sealed spells that got touched or moved to a new location. After saying the spell below, knot the ribbon three times, each time saying, "So Mote it Be!"

Color options for ribbons:

Red: Courage, Love, Strength, Passion
Pink: Honor, Love
Orange: Encouragement, Sexuality, Attracting (general)
Yellow: Friendship, Attraction, Protection, Joy, Happiness
White: Protection, Truth, Unconditional Love
Green: Healing, Growth, Love (associated with heart chakra)
Purple: Healing, Protection, Truth, Honor
Blue: Healing, Truth, Protection

To Bind Your Spell: 
Make sure you're doing this while you're calm. If you were frustrated by the disruption, take a few moments to regroup and come back to the spell when you're in a focused state. 

Once you've reassembled your spell, hold it in your hands while envisioning your original desired outcome. If you were picturing money for a vacation, imagine yourself on the beach. Feel the warmth of the sun, the sand in your feet. If you were casting a spell for a new job, picture yourself in that new career, happy and enjoying your new path. Whatever the spell was for, imagine it coming to fruition—the sights, the scents, the sensation of it happening. Once it's so real you can taste it, then say the following:

Bound once more, and so it shall be
This spell continues to grow in prosperity
What was once disturbed is made whole again
To flourish and blossom with my original intent
Disruption matters not, for the magick is within me
Three times three, So Mote it Be!

Remember to say "So Mote it Be" three times whether you're knotting the ribbon, tracing the pentagram, or lighting the candle. 

And there you have it! Your spell is fixed! And in the words of my husband upon hearing I corrected the spell: I'm so glad you didn't have to waste your night hexing me.

Ahhh true love! ♥♥♥

What's your favorite place to hide a spell in progress?

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