5 Natural Products to Help You Cope with Grief

Recently, my husband and I suffered a great loss to our family. I talk about it a little more here.

I wanted to share with you some of the natural, herbal, and homeopathic products I used to help combat the suffocating feelings of grief. If you're undergoing the pain of mourning, I hope these may help you process those emotions just a little easier. 

Rescue Remedy This homeopathic supplement can be taken under the tongue or in water several times a day. Like all homeopathic supplements, they have a very, very low risk of allergic reactions due to the nature in which they are derived. Homeopathic medicines are great because they are gentle. You're not going to take this and feel like you're on drugs. But you will notice after a few days that it gently helps you cope with day-to-day tasks (which seems impossible after the death of a loved one).

Peace and Harmony Essential Oil I totally love this essential oil. It's very calming and has a centering, earthy smell. It's great for any type of stress, but I found it particularly helpful on those nights when you can't sleep and feel haunted by the woulda-couldas (because your mind is awesome like that and always gives you regrets after a loved one dies). The peppermint helps center the mind while the lavender helps soothe and calm. It's a great oil to keep handy. I actually wear it every day. If you're struggling with insomnia, try some of these remedies I've used successfully. 

Ignatia Amara I credit these little pellets for keeping me off the highway overpass after my loved one transcended. When the grief was overwhelming and looming on destructive, I popped five of these and watched some TV in order to distract myself. Sometimes you need to grant yourself a moment of reprieve from mourning in order to keep your sanity and not go into hyperventilation-dry heaves. Grieving blows. Do what you gotta do to keep your sanity and not give yourself a blinding migraine.  

Stress Releaf I love Herbs Etc. They make good products, and they use liquid-gels so the herb is more readily available. Stress Releaf will help support your body long-term to keep your system balanced while you're dealing with emotional trauma. I recommend taking it for at least a month after your loss. Longer won't hurt. This is a great supplement to support your adrenals and immune system—all of which suffers when we're grieving and eating Ho-hos by the boxful. 

Numi Chocolate Mint Tea This has not a damn thing to do with health but is wholly a comfort food. Remember those Ho-hos I just mentioned? You're doing yourself a disservice by eating junk when grieving (or stressed). Granted, sometimes junk soothes the soul, and I'm NOT going to judge! But bear in mind your body will function better if you're eating as healthy as possible during a time of stress, especially because processed and sugary foods tend to lower our emotional threshold to begin with. No, I'm not guilting you for a chocolate binge. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. But please recognize that you need nutrition when grieving too, especially since most people completely lose their appetites when mourning.

Numi Chocolate Mint Tea is my perfect compromise! Albeit a touch pricey, it's unbelievably tasty and the perfect balance between indulgence and avoiding a gut ache. I add a little sugar and milk to mine (personally, honey doesn't work for me in this tea), and it's like a cup of hot cocoa. Yum! Just make sure you give it ten minutes to steep. Makes it all the more better. As I said, when you're mourning you need every bit of comfort you can find. Mine always comes in a tea cup. If yours comes in the form of Hostess, you have yourself a Twinkie, my darling. 

If you've recently lost a loved one, I hope you can find peace in the coming days. Remember to be kind to yourself, take care of yourself, and don't judge the process. Be patient with yourself. Let yourself grieve without the burden of self-criticism. (Or any outside criticism for that matter!) 

Blessed Be.

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