Pinterest Gone Pagan: Energy Cleansing Chicken Piccata

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You know those times when you feel like some funky ju-ju is following you around like a miasma of stinky garbage-juice scented bad energy?

Was that too descriptive? =S

Anyway, we've all gone through periods when it feels like something is out to get us. Maybe you overdrew your bank account. Or you ripped your favorite pair of front of the hot intern...on laundry day when you're wearing unbecoming panties.

No matter how much meditation, smudging, and chakra balancing we do, occasionally we experience off-kilter periods that no amount of sage seems to fix. That's when you need chicken piccata!

Chicken piccata??? Why is this crazy loon recommending poultry after a bad day? Because magick is everywhere, including your kitchen! In this episode of Pinterest Gone Pagan, I'd like to present Jo Cooks' Lemon Chicken Piccata (The pin can be found here.

This tasty dish (one of my favorite chicken dishes!) is perfect for clearing out stagnant or negative personal energy. All you need to do is visualize feeling cleansed and rejuvenationed while preparing and eating this delectable entree (you can do this by imagining yourself feeling lighter, less burdened, and happier), and you'll be feeling better in no time! 

Here's how:

Medicinally and magickally, parsley is used for purification. It's an excellent yet gentle detoxifier and is surprisingly tasty in smoothies! In this recipe, this garnish helps purify any negative energy lingering in your aura.

Traditionally used for love, this astringent little bud is used in my kitchen for its cleansing qualities. Ultimately, kitchen magick is subjective. If you see capers and think of money, then toss some into a prosperity spell. That's the beauty of magick, it's all about the witch's intent. For me, capers=cleansing. 

Much like parsley, lemon is a great detoxifier in magick spells as well as medicinally. Lemon is such a bright, clean, fragrant fruit that it helps raise our vibrational energies, which is especially important if you're feeling a little ho-hum.

Olive Oil
Considered sacred in ancient Egypt and Greece, olive oil is classified as a spiritual food, linking us to our higher, spiritual selves.

Ruled by the moon, butter is another food that helps us connect with our spiritual energies (and it's tasty to-boot!).

Dinner and a spiritual cleansing in under an hour? Talk about double duty! THAT, my friends, is how you slip a little magick into modern day living. And your family doesn't even have to know! ;)

Have you tried your hand at kitchen magick? What's your favorite edible spell?

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