Vehicle Protection Sachet Spell

Have you ever seen the show Dead Like Me? If you haven't, you MUST! It's about a young girl who dies and becomes a grim reaper. Like many great shows, it was only on for two seasons. During that short (but amazing) run, George (short for Georgia) makes a statement I find myself thinking about more than I probably should:

If people knew how close they came to death every day, they would never leave the house.

This statement is true. If you don't believe me, watch the drivers around you next time you're in the passenger seat. If you can go fifteen minutes without watching someone text WHILE the car is careening forward, I'll send you a doughnut. 

People make bad judgments. I learned that at 18 when a man in the opposing lane of a rural highway thought he had enough time to get across the road and quickly realized he didn't. His response? To stop dead in the front of me just enough time to realize I was about to be in an accident and to hope I didn't piddle in my panties. I made it through the accident with clean undies, but not without a neck injury that continues to cause severe migraines and numb hands over twelve years later.

I don't have any anger towards that other driver. He made a poor decision. We're human. Stuff happens. It was an honest mistake. Even if it left me with a lifelong injury, he didn't decide to go out and hurt someone that night. It was human error.

What isn't a mistake is when people consciously take their eyes off the road to send texts, make a call, grab something from the glove compartment, etc. We see the public service warnings every day, but we've become desensitized to the truth: Driving while distracted is HORRIBLY dangerous. Yet almost everyone does it. It's offensive, really. Human life is not worth the risk. PLEASE pay attention while driving. Don't contribute to a despicable problem. 

But all the attentiveness in the world can't make up for someone's careless decision. My mother-in-law was stopped at a red light when a young woman—who was busy texting—hit her at SEVENTY miles an hour. Literally the only part of the car that wasn't obliterated was the driver's seat. Divine intervention at its finest. So how do you protect yourself from another's actions?

Magick. When in doubt, always choose magick.

Below you will find my personal Vehicle Protection Sachet Spell that I use in my family's vehicles. They have kept us safe, and I hope they will do the same for you!

I prefer a small sachet over a ritualistic spell because I'm guessing most people don't want to perform a full circle in their driveway to surround their car in protective energy. I'd love to SEE someone do that. I'd want to be your best friend if you did that. But even I, as brazen as I am, wouldn't feel comfortable casting in my driveway with cars and judgement rolling by. This is a nice inconspicuous way to protect your vehicle, and it smells fantastic! =D

Vehicle Protection Sachet Spell


Small charm bag or a piece of cloth and ribbon
Sage (dried)
Cedar or Rosemary (dried)
Pinch of salt (Course is better, but table salt works too)
3 small pieces of Dragon's Blood (use a hefty pinch if powdered) 
3 Cat whiskers* and/or strands of wolf hair**
Small rock (or amethyst gemstone if desired)

*Please do NOT pull out your cat's whiskers! My kitty leaves me whiskers all the time, which I collect in a jar and save for spells. If you don't have a cat or your cat doesn't leave you whisker presents, simply skip this and replace it with something that resonates with you, like a small bird feather or a pretty seashell. Whatever embodies magick to you.

**A particular wolf sanctuary in Colorado used to sell the wolf hair they collected during shedding season as a way to support the sanctuary. Unfortunately, they don't sell it any longer. I haven't found another source, though I am looking for you! If you decide to purchase wolf hair, please make sure it is humanely sourced! Nothing will ruin your spell like poached wolf hair!

As with any spell, go to a quiet place where you won't be interrupted. Make sure you're in a focused, good mood and not distracted or agitated. 

While visualizing yourself (and your family) safe and secure in your vehicle, add the above items to the charm bag, reserving the pentacle. Once you're done, pull the drawstrings closed or tie closed with the ribbon. (The pentacle can be tied into the drawstring or ribbon if you choose to use one.)

Take a few moments to hold the sachet in your hands and charge it with protective energy. You can do this by envisioning your vehicle in a blue or purple bubble, by quietly chanting the words "protection and safety," or by whatever means you find preferable. Just take a moment to feel the energy tingling in your palms and passing into the bag and its contents. 

Once you feel the bag is charged, take it to your vehicle. Here you have two options:

1. Leave it in a place where it definitely won't be removed.
2. Hang it from your rear view mirror where the sunlight will feed the energy of your spell. I suggest skipping the pentacle if hanging as it may refract sunlight into your eyes while driving, which kind of defeats the purpose...

Either way, you have one more step before the spell is complete. ;)

When tying it to the mirror (or you can simply tie it shut if you're leaving it hidden in the car), repeat these words as you tie THREE knots:

With each knot, I bind this spell
Safety, protection, all is well
Sheltered and shielded, this vehicle shall be
Three times three, SO MOTE IT BE!

Say that last part with conviction, always. ;)

Now remember, magick can only work when physical action is taken. Therefore, you can't be painting your toenails while driving and expect this bag to keep you safe. If you need to make a call, pull over. Texting can wait. Honor your family and the lives of those on the road around you. Focus on driving.

There's a lot of magick left to do. You don't want to leave the Pagan Party early. ;)

Do you have protection spells on your vehicle? 

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