Super Simple Spell Disposal Methods (That Will Help Keep You Off the Pagan Episode of Hoarders)

A few months ago, my husband and I had a big fire with the sole purpose of disposing of old spells.

...And I mean OLD. Like, traveled-with-me-across-the-country-when-I-moved-out-at-eighteen old. 

Let's see, when I was eighteen Jennifer Lopez was still making music, people still had landlines, and Friends was still on the air.

Yup, time for some of those spells to go!

Now, some spells you'll want to hold onto forever. Say, a fertility spell that brought you a child. But others, like a job spell from three career changes ago, are okay to dispose of. But how does one dispose of a spell while still remaining respectful towards the energies that helped manifest said spell? Like anything in magick, the key is intention.

The Universe doesn't expect you to hold on to every spell you've ever cast. Otherwise, your house will inevitably look like an episode of Hoarders. But there are inappropriate ways to dispose of a spell. I think we can all agree tossing a successful spell into the trash is not going to yield good results for you in the future! So, here are three easy ways to dispose of a spell that will keep good fortune on your side!

This is probably the most commonly used method of disposal. It's relatively quick and the ashes can be returned to the earth. Just make sure you're not burning something that can be hazardous to inhale, like plastic. 

The lovely aspect of burning old spells is the ritualistic part of the disposal. Taking time to build a fire. Waiting for the flames to catch. Watching as the spells turn to ash. These steps require time, which not only works as a sort of sacrifice to the Goddess and God that ensured your spell, but it also allows us time to reflect on our spell work. 

Before adding old spells to a fire, I like to say:

By way of flame, return to the earth;
With gratitude and blessings, reborn and rebirth.

This is the perfect option for a spell that is completed but you don't want to risk reversing, like a banishment spell. If you used natural materials for the spell, simply bury the spell away from your property where it can be returned to the earth but not unwoven. If you're burying a spell that brought good fortune, like protection or health, it is appropriate to bury it on your property. 

Before covering your old spells with dirt, say:

Once again of the earth, but not unwoven;
This spell remains cast; this spell is unbroken.

As much as I try to use only natural materials in my spells, modern life does seep in. I use nylon sachets in my Vehicle Protection Spells and I occasionally use gemstones, which I'd much rather repurpose than bury. 

Cleansing old spell materials is extremely simple! Just hold the items in your hand, thank them for lending their energies to your efforts, and leave them in sunlight AND moonlight for at least one day. This allows the materials to be cleansed and balanced by both the masculine (sun) and feminine (moon) energies of nature. 

Before placing your items on a windowsill, say:

Balance and purity, return to thee;
Thank you for all you've granted me.
But now it has come to wash the slate clean;
Renewed and re-energized, So Mote it Be!

I told you it was easy, right?! If you haven't done a sacrifice in a while, now is a good time to do so. It can be as simple as burning a candle you love with the intention of sacrifice, or tossing a handful of herbs back to the earth (or maybe across a pond?! How poetic!). If you're looking for more simple yet meaningful ways to offer a sacrifice, check out my post on 5 Pagan Sacrifices

Ahhh Pagan house cleaning. Easy peasey. Now as for that stack of newspapers from 1972, I can't help you with those. ;)

What's your favorite way of disposing of old spells?

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