5 Ways to Celebrate Beltane Without Spending a Dime

It's Beltane season, which means it's time to celebrate the Earth's abundance, fertility, and vitality! Metaphorically, this is when the God, who was born on Yule, has reached his manhood. And you know what that means?! Muscles!!

...I think I've been reading too many romance novels. =S

The Goddess and God are celebrating their fertility, as is the nature around us! Flowers are blooming. Birds are nesting. Grass is lush and green. The trees are offering welcomed shade from the warm sun. Summer is upon us, and life is good.

Unless your summers mean 100*+ temperatures. But this is also my last full summer here in New Mexico....less than 500 days if anyone's counting...so I'm game. You hear me, August?! You don't scare me! 

If you're looking to decorate your home or circle, flowers and greenery are highly appropriate. Better yet, celebrate in the woods! If you enjoy dancing around a May pole, well...first off please let me know. Because as commonly referenced as these are, I've never met a person who's done it. But May pole dancing is a wonderfully phallic way to celebrate the God, where as cauldrons and flower pots are a fine representation of the Goddess and all her womb-liness.

For a Beltane feast, think anything fresh and vibrant— spring greens, fresh fruit, savory herbs, and even dairy to name a few.

Beltane colors are similar to Ostara—greens, yellows, blues, and pinks. Pretty much anything you see in a meadow or a maxi pad commercial.

...Are maxi pad commercials still done in meadows? I don't watch much T.V.

Looking to celebrate this fine May Day without spending a dime? Let me offer a few ideas!

Create in nature
Beltane is a time of creation, which doesn't necessarily have to mean offspring. Celebrate this Sabbat by getting artistic in nature. Whether you're painting, drawing, writing, or singing, get in touch with your creativity in the fresh air!

Bake with honey
When I think of thriving nature, I think of bees. Not only do they pollinate, which we all know is so vitally important, but they make that luscious nectar we call honey! Buy local and raw if you can, which will help combat environmental allergies, then bake yourself a honey cake! Yum yum! 

Have sex
Bet that got your attention! While there are many interpretations of Beltane, this Sabbat is generally regarded as a celebration of the fertility and vitality that has returned to nature, as well as the virility of the God.

Why not celebrate fertility with fertility? Of course, if you're not looking to procreate, take precautions. Because I don't babysit. You've been warned.

Pick wildflowers
If you've read any of my other "without spending a dime" posts, you know I push time in nature for Sabbats. Today is no different. Pick some wildflowers for a lovely Beltane bouquet. No wildflowers? Plant some! You can usually find wildflower seed packets for an affordable price at hardware stores or nurseries. Sprinkle them in your yard or flower pot, water, and await the impending blooms and thriving, fertile honey bees!

Make a wish and toss a pebble
Beltane isn't just about fertility, it's about possibility! It's the halfway mark between spring and summer. The Wheel is turning! New growth is around us! Celebrate opportunity by making a wish and casting a stone. Don't have a stream, pond, or ocean near by? Make your own! Check out my Dream Drop Wishing Well Spell that can easily be converted for Beltane! 

Happy Beltane, everyone! May all your wishes come true, your sex life be spicy, and your garden overflowing with flowers! 🌷

What's your favorite way to celebrate Beltane?

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  1. Love these suggestions, thank you.

  2. Great post! :) In England when I was little we used to have May festivals at school where the kids would dance round the maypole. One year I was one of the May Queen's attendants, lol. This was in the 90s but I'd imagine some schools still do it.

    I'm going to celebrate by making guacamole and having it with salad and some lemonade. (A spring type meal). Happy Beltane! :)

    1. Finally, someone who can tell me maypole stories! =D Lemonade sounds like a delightful way to celebrate. Hope you have a wonderful Beltane!

    2. I was just remembering when I was in school as a child we would have a festival and we would dance around the May Pole, I don't think the schools do it anymore but it was so much fun <3

  3. You reference that you are from New Mexico; I am as well. I have been dancing the maypole and jumping the balefire every year for over 10 years at the Beltane festival near Albuqerque. This year would have been their 40th consecutive year. (This year was canceled due to social distancing). I can give you info for next year if you are interested.

    1. Thanks for the offer! I'm actually not from New Mexico. I was living there for my husband's career, but I'm now living in New England. Sorry to hear your festival got canceled. =( But here's to a healthy and happy Beltane for you and yours nonetheless! You'll just have to jump the bonfire twice at next year's festival. =P


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