5 (More) Ways to Celebrate Litha Without Spending a Dime

It's the Summer Solstice! The longest day of the year. The official calendar date of summer's commencement. If you're Pagan, today is Litha, the peak strength of the sun, which represents the God. Tomorrow the days will begin to gradually shorten, already nudging towards fall. 

Which I'm excited about. Because of pumpkins and apple pie and stuff.

But if you live in a place where summer is enjoyable and not blisteringly acrid, don't worry about the future. Relish today. Frolic in the warm rays of the God's strength; bathe in the buttery heat of the sun. 

If you're looking to celebrate Litha cost-free, check out my suggestions below. You can also check out this post from last year, which has some really cool ideas! Don't forget to wear yellow or orange in honor of the sun. Spicy foods are appropriate, of course (hot like Ryan Goslin the sun!). As are sun-colored vegetables, like oranges, lemons, or carrots. A ritual meal is quite easy—just raid your garden or farmer's market and enjoy the summer bounty. This certainly is a tasty time of year! If it's an altar you seek, I have you covered as well. =D 

Now grab yourself a jalapeno and let's talk about freebie festivities!

Play in the sprinkler
What says summer like splashing around in water? Playing in a sprinkler may sound a little silly, but 'tis the season to be wild and carefree. Get out there, enjoy the sun on this Summer Solstice, and cool off in the pool, under the sprinkler, or with a water balloon fight. (Just make sure not to litter! =S)

Make a wish with sidewalk chalk
I can neither confirm nor deny whether or not I have sidewalk chalk in my closet...next to the herb shelf...under a box of incense. Do I have children who use this alleged sidewalk chalk? That'd be a negative.

Grab some sidewalk chalk and make a wish for the summer. Draw a picture or write a word representing whatever you wish to manifest. Feel free to keep it simple. Take a moment to envision your spell coming to fruition before carrying on with your Litha festivities. As an afternoon thunderstorm washes away your wish, know your spell has been cast!

If you live in the desert like me, grab a hose. It'll be months before rain washes that $#!& away...

Collect nature's beauty
Bringing a bouquet of freshly gathered flowers into your house is an enjoyable way to honor the Solstice while raising the vibrations of your home. If you're super motivated, you can make a flower crown. I'm not going to lie, I'm not that motivated...

Spend your day at the beach
Watch the sun rise or set, have a picnic, play in the water. Enjoy all the great aspects of summer with the added benefit of gorgeous beach-wave hair. 

Don't forget to write a wish in the sand, close to the tide. Allow your spell to be washed away by the briny waves as you envision your desires manifesting. Now would also be a great time to do a little grounding work. With your feet in the sand as well as the water, you'd harness a nice energy balance. Ahhh, sounds oh-so delightful! Boy, do I miss the beach. 

...Images of seagulls just danced in my head. ;)

Make lemonade
Lemons aren't just appropriate for Litha because they're a refreshing summer drink addition; they're also a great representation of the sun! What with their yellowness and all. 

Squeeze yourself some fresh lemon juice (watch out for hangnails—ouch!) and enjoy a glass of fresh lemonade outside while you inhale the balmy summer air. Enjoy the birds. Savor the gentle breeze on your warm skin. Sip your cool drink and allow the sweetness to linger on your tongue. Really appreciate the simplicity of the moment, even if you only take a few minutes to do so. If you're feeling especially creative, add pureed strawberries, blueberries, or lavender tea to your lemonade for an energizing twist! 

If you do nothing else today, take a moment outside to appreciate the lazy days of summer. It's easy to get caught up in the modern chores of our life, but the best aspects of summer will always be the simple things—family and friends, nature, and iced coffee. Whoops, went a little New Englander there.

Happy Litha, everyone! ☀️

What's your favorite way to celebrate Litha?

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