Charmed to Drink You: Tea & Coffee Incantation

Caffeine is my vice. I know this is such a common habit it's not even considered a vice in our society. And I'm fairly certain people roll their eyes at me when "things to let go" discussions come up and I declare my bad habit that needs breaking is an overconsumption of tea.

I mean, how friggen weak does that sound?

*Tiny voice* "Oh, I really need the tea, man. You got any to spare? Earl Grey? Irish Breakfast? Hell, I'll settle for some Lipton, dude. You got a bag?"

But seriously, I'm kind of...cantankerous without my morning mug. I'd like to think charmingly so, but I think that's being optimistic.


I wasn't always this way. In fact, I rarely drank caffeinated beverages when I lived in Arizona. New England is a whole other story. You practically grow up drinking coffee. They put that $#!@ in your bottle right around three months old. They actually served coffee milk in my elementary school, alongside chocolate and plain ol' white.

Ah, coffee milk. The TRUE gateway drug.

But back in high school, which was the last time I lived in New England, coffee was more of a way to stay up crazy late to do really strange stuff rather than a necessary component of functioning.

Strange stuff? What the hell does she mean by that??

Um, visiting a playground at midnight to play on the swings? Going sledding at night in the pitch black. Standing up old, dried out Christmas trees in my friend's yard so we could run them over with his beat-up truck. You know, strange stuff.

Hey! Don't you judge me! *Waves tea-caffeinated fist* When you live in a small town you have to make your own fun, okay?! 

...Really questioning the "charming" part of that cantankerousness right now, aren't you? =P

But now that I'm a pseudo adult, tea has become a necessity. I look forward to that steaming mug of bliss, breathing in the scent of bergamot and hope as the hot drink courses through my body, awakening the cells, tantalizing the mind with prospects and endless possibilities for the day ahead. 

See? Problem.

I've tried to skip my cherished brew; some mornings I'm successful. But usually by day three I find myself staring out my kitchen window at the desolate smattering of creosote bushes half hidden by the red dirt miasma this state calls air and I start grumbling to myself—actually muttering like a malcontent lunatic—"Nope. Not today. Maybe when we're out of here. Maybe when I wake up surrounded by trees, but not today!"

Have you called the authorities yet? I feel I need to tell you not to call the authorities. 'Cause I've had a cup of chai today. Really. I'm quite myself this morning.


It's no secret America loves their caffeine. As of this post, there are nearly 14,000 Starbucks in America. That's 280 per state! And that's JUST Starbucks. That doesn't include my beloved Circle K, or my east coast mistress Dunkin' Donuts, or any of the other chains and quaint little coffee shops drawing in countless customers with their siren scent of aromatic roasted beans.

Fourteen THOUSAND. Whew! That's a lot of brew!

Whether you're a purist or prefer a double shot soy latte, no foam, half sweet with a caramel drizzle, you can cast yourself a daily spell in under twenty seconds.

Yes, twenty SECONDS. Of course, if you're drinking a double shot you can probably fold a load of laundry in twenty seconds, so maybe that's not quite as impressive as I imagine it to be.

Below is my personal incantation I use every morning to start my day with a little magick. You can select any three attributes you'd like for your day, but I included a list of suggestions to help you as well. Just remember to stir your drink clockwise to draw your spell to you. Counterclockwise is used when rejecting energy, which can also be done if so desired. 

What You'll Need:
A mug of coffee or tea
A spoon

How to Conjure:
-While stirring your drink in a clockwise direction, envision three general qualities you'd like in your day. Here are a few examples:
  • Productivity, creativity, and accomplishment
  • Relaxation, restoration, and tranquility
  • Happiness, health, and positivity
  • Laughter, enjoyment, and protection
  • Peace, contentment, and abundance
  • Love, serenity, and calmness

-Continue to stir your brew clockwise as you say the following:

____, ____, and ____
These three things I draw to me as I drink this cup of tea (coffee).

(So, if you want to use the first example you would say, "Productivity, creativity, and accomplishment. These three things I draw to me as I drink this cup of tea.")

There you have it! A simple spell that is easily incorporated into your morning routine. Toss in a scone and you're starting the day off right! Keep calm, drink tea, and cast on, my friends!

What's your favorite morning drink? What's your harmless vice?

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  1. Michaela, I love your blog and am so happy to see a new post! My caffeine of choice is black coffee - each morning it provides me with comfort and hope for my day.
    Have you moved back home? It does not appear so. :( I live in IL and my herb garden is happily coming to life. I don't think I would like the desert either, even though it has its own unique beauty.
    Thank you for your coffee conjuration- I intend to use it tomorrow morning!
    Blessings, Peggy

    1. Hi, Peggy. I was just thinking of you the other day. Interesting timing! =P

      A few more months before we hit the road. We'll be traveling for about a year before we settle into...whatever new state will be home. We're excited! The desert can be beautiful, especially the Sonoran (found in Arizona). Not too found of the New Mexico variety, which is very flat and barren.

      Hope you enjoy the brew spell! ♥

  2. Thanks Michaela! I am so happy for you! I love the idea of your extended vacation - ├╝ber exciting! I live in the Bible Belt, and blessings to you for your blog - you are a beautiful reminder to stay spiritual and to be true to myself. This is desperately needed in these times!
    Hugs across the miles,

    1. I'm glad the blog can help you feel a little more connected. One of the blessings of the internet. Well, that and kitten videos.

      Hugs back at you, my friend! ♥

  3. I just charmed my afternoon cup of tea. This is so simple I can do it anywhere, even at my work desk :) If I had any imagination, I'd have thought of doing something like this on my own. But that's what your blog is for :) to give me awesome, creative, and accessible ideas. Thank you!

    1. You're so sweet! ♥ And yes, it's nice to be able to cast a quick little spell no matter where you are, especially if your co-workers are driving you to drink (tea). =P

  4. Love your blog!! Thank you for always making me smile!!

  5. I love your blog!! Thank you for the great information and always making me smile with your witty writing!!

    1. You are so very welcome. Thank you for taking the time to comment and for making ME smile! =D Blessings! ♥

  6. Wonderful! It is on my list to do first cuppa! Blessings, Sister!

    1. So glad you enjoyed! Blessings to you as well. =D

  7. What a good way to start the day. I'm usually not fully conscious until my second cup, but will try to make it through the fog tomorrow morning. <3

    1. Haha! Definitely wait until you're clear headed enough to stir in the correct direction! =P Whew, that could go very wrong. Who wants a living room of newts?!

  8. I loved this post! I’m a teaholic myself. I swear I’m the only person in Maine who orders an extra large black tea with extra milk and extra sugar at Dunkin (because they almost always get it wrong). I stir intentions into what I cook or bake, I don’t know why I never thought to stir it into my gigantic mug o tea each morning. Thank you!!

    1. You're so very welcome!

      Oh Goodness do I miss me some DD! Nothing says New England like an extra-extra! ♥

  9. Simple, yet effective. I like it!

  10. I love this and am so using this from now on. Thank you!


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