Matchstick Spell

Simplicity is the name of the game this year, especially in my house. Not only is my husband coming to the end of his career contract, which means changes in job, we will also be moving across the country, changing our lifestyle (farming!), and in the transition taking about a year-long road trip to explore the country.

Holy. Changes. Batman.

These changes are all VERY welcomed and SUPER exciting! I mean, if you've ever read the site, like EVER, you know I've been counting the minutes until I get to leave the desert. And after years of scrimping and saving, we are so VERY fortunate to travel the country. Trust me, you will not hear one bitch from this ecstatic witch!

But the reality of all those changes is that I don't have a lot of time left over for showering eating reading casting. Fortunately, I happen to know of a site that specializes in quick and easy spells! 


And since you're living in modern era, what with all this technology that's supposed to make life easier yet somehow we find ourselves busier than ever, I'm guessing you could use a time-saving spell now and again as well! While I'm generally not a proponent of glorifying busy, the reality is sometimes chaos pulls you in like a riptide—strong, full of havoc, and you find yourself with hardly enough time to change your undies, let alone set up an altar.

...Fortunately, I've never been sucked into an actual riptide, but I'd imagine I'd be in major need of an undie change if the ocean was trying to kill me. Let's be honest.

This Matchstick Spell is the epitome of simplicity. Combined with a few moments of visualization, you will literally ignite your intention as you manifest the spell in your mind! (Because thoughts are energy, and energy is power!) Who doesn't like a little pyro in their Pagan?! =D

What You'll Need:
A matchstick
A pen

How to Conjure:
-Write your desire in one word on the match. Being so small, it may get tricky. Don't get frustrated. Write as neatly as you can and call it good! =P

-Before lighting the match, take a moment to envision your spell coming to fruition. For example, if you're seeking a new home, imagine walking into your new house. What does the entryway look like? What color are the walls? What does the living room smell like? Where will you put the couch? Really visualize your goal.

-Once your desire is crisp and colorful in your mind, say the following:

With the strike of a match, this spell is aflame,
Quickly manifesting, my desires attained.

- Light the match and allow it to burn as completely as possible without burning your fingertips! With one deep breath and the unfailing belief your spell will manifest, blow out the match before it reaches your fingers.

-Dunk the match in water to ensure it's entirely extinguished. 

-If you have house plants, push the remaining bit of match deep into the soil. Otherwise, take the small bit outside and bury. You shouldn't need a shovel, just kind of shove it into the dirt with your finger. You know, nature's tool! ;) Alternatively, you may also toss the remaining bit into a fire.

Your spell is now quickly on its way to manifesting! In and out in under five minutes. Imagine that! You just earned yourself a shower, you busy Pagan you!

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Do you have a go-to spell when you find yourself short on time?

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  1. Oh I love this spell! It's very cool. I'm going to use it thank you. And honestly, what you are describing as your near future, I'm very excited to read about! My bf and I are moving to the Maritimes next year (we're in Quebec Canada) and starting a journey towards homesteading and self-sufficiency. I cannot wait! We've already started doing things on our own here and there, but having our own land and home will make things all the better. I think that I will do your spell quite often with regards to our plans for next year. :)

    1. Great idea to cast often—the more energy you give it, the quicker it will become. Wishing you and your boyfriend all the best in your homesteading adventure! ♥ Thanks for taking a moment to share your thoughts. =D

  2. Hey there. I shared this on . Feel free to post your blogs there anytime for free audience and promotion. :)

    1. Thank you! It hadn't occurred to me to share on Reddit, so thank you for the idea! =D

  3. I read you always! Now as would like to wish you happy adventures! Until next time!
    xoDebi in Canada

  4. What if the match does not burn down to your fingers and goes out on its own? Will it still work?

    1. I would perform the spell again. Also, try testing the matches (burn one without any intention) and see if maybe it's a faulty match. Good luck! =D

  5. Thank you for the easy match spell. Can't wait to get my vision(s)manifesting. ;)

  6. This is a nice idea for a spell but just as a heads up to anyone reading, you don't have to be pagan to be a witch! I know this is a pagan blog though so I don't blame the author of this article but paganism and witchcraft are not the same thing and you don't need to be a practicing pagan in order to practice your craft! This site explains it further if you're interested :)

    1. A person's Craft is absolutely individualistic! Thanks for sharing. =D

  7. how many times can you do this spell? in a day? in a row? i know it might be a silly question but thought I'd ask anyway. thank you for sharing... came across it and i think it was at the right time.

    1. Questions are never silly. =D You can cast any spell as often as you'd like, but I personally feel if you were to cast several spells back to back with different intentions you fragment your energy and dilute the outcome. For example, if you casted three matchstick spells in one day —one for a new job, one for the health of a family member, and one to meet new friends— there's quite a lot of intent going in all sorts of directions and I think it detracts from the outcome. But if you were to cast three matchstick spells for the health of three separate individuals, you'll have better outcome because the focus is all healing. In my experience, clear intention and focus always yields the best outcomes. Hopefully that wasn't too confusing! =P


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