Is the Universe Asking for Your Trust?

I recently moved to northern New England. If you're keeping track this is the 4,756 move I've made in 5 years.

...It's really ruined the smell of cardboard for me. What once conjured visions of gooey pizza now brings on sweat-inducing flashbacks. Tape! Box cutters! An adult game of Tetris.

Okay, maybe "flashbacks" is a bit dramatic, but humor me for theatrical effect. ;)

When moving day arrived and shenanigans ensued, I had to lock my cat inside my second floor bedroom in order to keep him safe. Being a teenage boy, a venture upstairs is no longer part of his daily routine. Oh sure, he'll include said bedroom as he races around the house in a post-poo run. I mean, who doesn't celebrate a good bathroom trip with a full-on gallop? But at nineteen he's rarely upstairs for anything other than a victory lap, choosing instead to lay in the living room window, all but melting into a pile of warm, glorious fur in the afternoon sun. 

So when this bipedal mom locked him inside a room he doesn't often frequent, he was less than thrilled. As he paced the empty carpet, periodically pawing at the door before giving me a pleading look that clearly conveyed I was purposely torturing him, I struggled to find a way to calm him.

If only I could tell him this was for his safety. If only I could easily communicate I needed him to trust me, that I would never do anything that wasn't in his best interest. I was incapable of harming him. My sole objective for this furry friend— genuine friend—is to give him the best life within my power.

He eventually calmed down and took a nap once Mommy provided him with the top of a W.B. Mason box. Which, by the way, is the greatest thing to sit in EVER!!! =D But nonetheless the entire experience got me thinking. 

What if I'm the cat?

What if all the anxiety and nail biting and sour belly that accompanies any move is my upstairs bedroom? 

What if every life challenge is our upstairs bedroom?

What if there's an entity out there in the stratosphere desperate to communicate but unable to successfully speak on our level, asking us to trust them?

"I'm only doing this for your safety. I would never do anything to harm you. I love you very deeply, and now I need you to trust me." 

What if instead of questioning and fighting during life's struggles, we chose to trust? 

Trust there is a greater plan. Trust there are benevolent energies working in our favor. Trust there is always hope.

2020 has been a shitty stressful miserable difficult year for everyone, but I'd like to believe there's an unseen energy reminding us, in their own language, that we are loved and cared for. That at times though it may feel as if we are a cat locked in a room, fighting to find familiarity and peace, there is a force working in our best interest, acting from pure, unadulterated love. 

What if instead of succumbing to fear we decide to have faith? After all, isn't life just one big trust fall? ;)

I choose to trust.

And I hope you do too!♥

Have personal struggles deepened your spiritual faith?

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