Autumn Printable Madness

It's been hot here in northern New England, which means I have one thing on my mind: fall. ;)

Well, fall and Arnold Palmers. Nothing says summer like an Arnold Palmer. Or as we call it here in New England, a half and half.

But let's get back to serious business.

As Lughnasadh approaches and the days start shortening just a teensy bit, fall is on my mind. It's quite possibly on your mind too. I have yet to meet a witch who doesn't worship Samhain.


Get it?! *Three Stooges Noises*

I wanted to do something a little new and fanciful as fall approaches, honoring our collective giddiness for such a splendid season. And really, couldn't we all use a bit of silliness right now? 

Below you'll find a few lighthearted printables to help you celebrate the impending fall Sabbats. Print 'em out to tack on your fridge, place in a frame, or use them to make paper airplanes. Whatever brings you joy, my friend. ;)

If you enjoy these please let me know in the comments below and I'll create a collection for Samhain!

...and I do hope you enjoy because I have some SUPER fun ones for Samhain!

Happy Late Summer, Ya'll!

What's your favorite season?

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