Super Simple Pie Crust Spell (for ANY Pie!)

With holiday baking in full swing, I can't help but wonder how many pie crusts are going into the oven unenchanted. It's a shame, really! I hate a good opportunity for magick being wasted simply because someone doesn't know how easy it is to incorporate a spell into mundane tasks.

...If you don't understand why missed magick opportunity upsets me so, please take a look around my site. I'll wait. Gotta finish this eggnog anyway.

Without further delay, here is my SUPER simple Pie Crust Spell that I highly encourage you to incorporate into your next baking session. Whether it's homemade or store bought, sweet or savory, it doesn't mean a thaaang! Just get to casting, you kitchen witch, you!

What You'll Need:

Pie Crust

Writing utensil


How to Conjure:

Using something pointed, such as a toothpick or a butter knife, gently carve a symbol, word, or picture that represents your desires into your pie crust. Just break the surface. Don't cut all the way through your crust or your goodies will flow out when baking. Get creative. Incorporate runes. Create your own sigil. Draw like the third grader we know is hiding within. Just put some love into it. No need to harness your inner art critic. 

Before adding your filling, take a moment to hold your palms over the crust (facing the crust) and envision your desires manifesting. 

Add filling. Bake. Eat. 

See?! I told you it was easy! Just make sure you eat some of it. Unless the spell is for someone else, such as a healing spell. In that case make sure your intended eats it. But remember to play nice when casting for others. Don't go The Help on your pie. Mostly because it will come back to you, but also because it's totally illegal. And gross. And, like, really gross.

Don't understand that reference? It's probably better. It will forever ruin chocolate pie. =/

Happy magickal baking! ♥

What's your favorite kitchen witch hack?

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