5 More Ways to Celebrate Imbolc (Without Spending a Dime)

It's almost Imbolc! And you know what that means—it's time for the purge.

Now hold up. Put down the bat. I'm not talking about The Purge. No, no. It's still illegal to clobber your annoying neighbor. I'm talking about purging as in purification.

...I'm so disappointed that movie was basically just a typical horror flick because that concept could have been so interesting if they truly explored it. Where do the lines of morality vs legality overlap? How far would the average person go if there were no legal consequences? It'd be a very interesting narrative. 

But admittedly a little heavy for a blog, so let's get back to Imbolc. =D

Imbolc is a time of purification and cleansing, a period where we release the heavy emotions churned up during our Yuletide reflections.

Don't panic if you didn't reflect over the Yule season. I'm not going to quiz you or anything. I'm not that teacher. You know the one. That wet blanket that assigns a massive project over the holiday break that's due the moment you return to class. I'm pretty sure every student experiences one of those in their lifetime.

If you'd like to learn more about Imbolc, check out this post here (where you can also discover 5 MORE ways to celebrate without spending a dime!). But if you're ready to hear five fun ways to celebrate without breaking out the AmEx, scroll on, my friend!

Toss Your Cares Away
Cleanse your troubles by releasing them to nature. Standing beside a stream or river, hold a small river rock in your hands and visualize your problem floating down the stream, away from your life. When the image is clear in your mind, toss the rock into the water and watch it carry away your burden.

This ritual is a variation of a water spell shared with me by my lovely friend Gea, so shout out to Gea! ♥

Clean House (of your old crap)
Most of us have been meaning to clean out at least one closet that physically assaults you every time you open the door. Purify your home by clearing out old clothes and household goods and donating them to charity. Not only will this remove blockages that can stagnate your home's energy, but you'll also be helping the less fortunate. The Universe is kind of fond of that! ;)

Some Plants Are Worth Melting For
Snowed in? Take some snow inside and allow it to melt (by the fire is extra special!). Then take the melted snow (sometimes referred to as water) and use it to water indoor plants or cut flowers. This symbolizes The Wheel turning as winter slowly transitions into spring. 

Plus snow just seems extra cleansing compared to regular tap water. Maybe I'm just biased? But then again I've never heard Lorelai Gilmore proclaim, "I smell tap water!"

Take a Ritual Soak
Using herbs such as rosemary, lavender, or chamomile, draw yourself a soothing hot bath to soak away the stresses of chilly winter! When you're ready (but before you get out), envision the weight of your problems being washed away by the water as you emerge, leaving them behind in the tub. As you towel off, visualize a bright white light radiating from your freshly cleansed skin. Savor the buoyant feeling of release! You are now cleansed of any negative energy (which remains in the tub). Let the water drain and picture your concerns rushing down the pipes with the bathwater. You are now physically and energetically oh-so-squeaky clean!

I would advise you use a muslin bag or tea ball to contain your herbs. Otherwise, use essential oils. Trust me, you don't want to end a relaxing bath with a soggy mess of herbs.

....Not that I know this from experience or anything. *Closely examines nails* I mean, I haven't had to pick lavender out of the bathtub bud by bud or anything.  

Try Your Hand at Fire Divination
Considered the Festival of Light, fire is often incorporated with Imbolc rituals. Use this time to try fire divination! While it sounds somewhat complicated, all you really need to do is meditate while looking into the flames, allow your mind to slow and thoughts to clear, and see what information presents itself to you. This may come as a personal revelation or a foretelling. Don't try to force the process; just relax into it. =D

You may find larger fires, such as camp or bonfires, are easier to work with than candles. But if you're a fire sign, this may come to you very easily! 

So remember, while we can't resort to The Purge to rectify our problems, we can purge many nuisances from our life without the hassle of bloodstained carpets.

Too dark? Sorry, my humor is still in winter mode. =/

Have you ever tried fire divination? What's your favorite way to honor Imbolc?

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