5 Ways to Celebrate Ostara (Without Spending a Dime!)

Spring is such a lovely time of year! The earthy scents, bright green buds on the trees, and the sounds of chirping birds are all welcomed indications that nature is awakening from a frosty slumber. Slender grass tendrils poking through melting snow and that first day when mittens are no longer a necessity serve as a promise that those blustery winter days are slowly waning into the warmth and splendor of spring.

I've noticed people who love fall tend to consider spring a close second to their favorite season. It makes sense, really. It's basically fall in reverse, nature yawning to life instead of preparing for slumber, as if someone hit rewind on the DVR.

If you’ve been following the blog for a few years you’ll know spring in the Southwest wasn't nearly as exciting as in other parts of the country, mostly because cacti are pretty stagnant. They'll spear you any time of year, really. They're just so reliable like that. 

Fortunately, I’m back in my beloved New England where I once again get to enjoy the vibrant colors of a bourgeoning earth and the blissful fragrance of revitalized nature. And I’m extremely grateful for such an experience because spring is one of my favorite seasons. Easily in the top four. ;)

If you're looking for detailed information on Ostara, check out this post, which includes more free ways to celebrate! Otherwise, unwrap that chocolate bunny and let's get to celebrating!

Plant something
In many parts of the country the ground is still frozen on Ostara, if not covered in snow. But that doesn’t mean you can’t welcome the (painfully slow?) arrival of spring by planting something indoors! Treat yourself to a pot of tulips, a countertop herb garden, or whatever plant makes you smile and enjoy a little spring essence on your windowsill.

Treat the bunnies
Rabbits are a symbol of the Goddess, particularly during the spring. Seeing them is always a treat in my household, mostly because I live for anything covered in fur, but it’s also considered a blessing to encounter these lovely little lagomorphs.

Ahhh alliteration!

Give a sacrifice to the blossoming Goddess and her fertile earth by leaving some romaine lettuce* or berries for the bunnies.

Prepare your garden
If the weather permits, start clearing out your garden and preparing the soil for spring-time planting. If you're reading this while glancing out your window at a foot of snow on the ground, why not plan on paper? Make a list of what herbs, vegetables, and fruits you'd like to grow once the ground thaws. It's a nice way to tackle the winter blues!

Brew a spring tea
Just as nature refreshes and revitalizes, now is a good time for us to address natural detoxification approaches. 

But, you know, easy. Because that's how this blog rolls.

Brew yourself a warm mug of spring tea to help your body transition from the long nights of winter to the budding days of spring. Choose herbs like nettle, rose petals, lemon peel, cornflower, calendula, or dandelion to aid in detoxification as well as celebrating spring with an herbal brew! Interested in specific herbal purposes? Check out my absolute favorite go-to herbal medicine reference book: The Desktop Guide to Herbal Medicine by Brigitte Mars. 

Make an omelette
You gotta eat, right? Start your Ostara with a simple celebratory omelette (or egg scramble if you haven't mastered your diner skills). Use spring vegetables and herbs, like asparagus or chives, and a little fresh goat cheese to make a tasty—and sabbat specific— Ostara feast.

Bonus—veggies and herbs are detoxifying, so it's kind of a 2-in-1 celebration. Score!

Eggs aren't just treats from everyone's favorite oversized, home-intruding bunny. They also represent growth, fertility, and potential, all important aspects of this vernal sabbat! So whether you like your cackle fruits wrecked, on a raft, or flopped, eggs are the perfect way to celebrate the commencement of spring.

Too much diner talk? A thousand apologies. I've been enjoying myself some Do or Diner. I'm a sucker for a good cozy mystery! In fact, if you also love cozy reads please help a reader out and leave your favorite titles in a comment below!

Hope you all have a flower-picking, chocolate-eating, pastel-colored kind of Ostara!

Happy spring, everyone! 🐰🐣

*Some lettuce varieties, such as iceberg, can be dangerous to rabbits. For more information, check out this list of safe bunny fodder.

What's your favorite part of spring? 

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  1. Thanks for another great post!
    Maybe it is because I have never lived in a desert and have only visited a few times, but I am so jealous of your cacti. =) We are still under several feet of snow up north, but my goal this year is to start my seeds inside as part of my Ostara celebration.

    1. The desert in Phoenix was very pretty (Sonoran desert). But out here in New Mexico (Chihuahuan desert) it's insanely dusty (day 3 of dust storms as we speak) and very flat and scraggly. I do have a love for the Sonoran desert, but there's no love lost between NM and I! =P

      Having grown up in New England, I understand the snow fatigue by March and April. Hang in there!

  2. Awesome ideas :) I wish I could treat bunnies, but I'm yet to see one in my neighborhood. I think our cat-sized squirrels and omnipresent raccoons drove them away. But I will be planting, and definitely eating eggs. We practically eat eggs in everything on Ostara: soups, salads, deserts (because sponge cakes and souffles are just whipped, sweetened eggs really).
    And I better brew some spring detox tea as we will probably be getting a foot of snow tomorrow. I hope it melts in time for me to pick some wild snow drops and crocuses for the celebration :)
    Happy Ostara, Michaela! (Your last one in the dusty desert ;)

    1. A foot, whew! Stay warm, my friend. Here's to hoping you get your snow drops and crocuses. How special!

      ....your squirrels sound a little scary. =P

      It IS my last Ostara in the desert. So very, very excited! Thanks for counting down with me! ♥ Happy (early) Ostara!

  3. March has come in like a lion here in the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains. For us, this is our time of precipitation so everything is green with bare tree branches and when summer comes it all goes brown on the ground and the leaves are green. Different (I'm from the SouthEast), but I do love the many sunny days! I do straw bale gardening so I will be purchasing and conditioning them by the equinox. I might do some container planters of lettuce while I wait for it to warm up enough for tomatoes and peppers and zucchini. May do some strawberry towers this year *check out CaliKim29 on YouTube for that). Just found you today as I was looking for some blue moon magickal ideas. There's some powerful energy abounding for sure! Can't wait to find time to browse your site properly!

    1. Straw bale gardening sounds interesting! I'll have to check that out. I've heard of it, but now I'm curious to see it in action.

      Thanks for the compliment! I hope you enjoy poking around and find a spell that suits your blue moon celebrations! =D Thanks for stopping by!

    2. This is the only book I have-the one that was recommended when I got started 2 yrs ago. https://www.amazon.com/Straw-Bale-Gardens-Complete-Breakthrough-ebook/dp/B00SG9FACU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1520555457&sr=8-1&keywords=karsten+straw+bale

      There are so many advantages to straw bale gardening!

    3. Thanks for the link; I'll check it out! =D

  4. The colors outside, the blooming of everything, although my allergies hate me. Everything comes alive again, new beginnings. Best part of it in my opinion. Hopefully it will be warm enough for pictures.

    1. The colors are definitely the best part! Allergies, not so much. =/ Brew yourself some herbal tea for that scratchy throat/ stuffy nose. It can be an Ostara celebration and allergy-fighting. Double duty. =P

      Happy Spring, Jane!

  5. Good ideas. :) I'm planning to bake a cake for Oestara/Ostara and put some Cadbury's Mini Eggs on top! I like seeing all the daffodils at this time of year. We just had a lot of snow in the UK, so it wasn't feeling very spring like! It's warmed up now but apparently we're geting some more soon. It won't be too long till spring properly starts though. Happy Spring! :)

    1. Oh my goodness, I love Cadbury Mini Eggs! I haven't had those in years. Enjoy your yummy cake! Happy Spring!

  6. Great post! I’m so looking forward to spring, but since we’re in the middle of another Nor’Easter (already have a foot of snow and it’s still snowing!), I think my Ostara celebrations will consist of garden planning and buying a pot of tulips at my local greenhouse.

    1. Tulips should help brighten that wintry backdrop! Hopefully March is doing its March thing and will leave like a lamb for you. =D

  7. Hi I'm Marina from Rome Italy.
    We had snow too this year (very rare in Rome) but, even though they say cold will come back next week, spring is in the air... birds are singing, peach and plum trees in the garden blooming (I live in a flat but we have flowers and trees in the yard, sorry I don't know how to explain...). I prefer autumn and winter and all the cozyness but spring is pleasant too,

    1. Hello, Marina! You explained perfectly. It sounds beautiful! I just realized I'm not sure what a plum tree looks like. Guess that's what Google is for. =P

      I enjoy the coziness of autumn as well. There's nothing like snuggling into a sweater, right?! Hope you have a wonderful spring in that beautiful city of yours! =D


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