What to Cast Without Freezing Your Ass (Indoor Spells for Inclement Weather)

Spring is in full swing here in New England, which means lots of chilly, windy days and plenty of rain.

No complaining here. It could downpour for three days straight and I'd still be wanting more. I blame my years in the desert. You try six months without rain (legitimate fact) and see if you bemoan that wonderful sky juice!

While this witch may be the neighborhood weirdo that sprints outside at the first sign of precipitation, I understand this isn't the accepted norm. But just because you don't want to leave your dry home doesn't mean the magick has to end! 

Here is a list of simple yet cozy spells (read: indoor) that you can cast while still donning your flannel pants and slippers.

Three P.M. pajamas can be our little secret. I never witch and tell. ;)

Stay cozy, witches!

Do you tend to cast spells inside or outdoors? 

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