Samhain on a Shoestring (Halloween on a Budget!)

(Not exactly sure what it means to celebrate Samhain? No need to hang your Pagan head in shame. Catch up here.)

In case you haven’t heard, Samhain 2020 isn’t just taking place on a full moon but a BLUE moon, pumpkin truckers!

I think I just accidentally discovered a new reality show— Pumpkin Truckers: No (pumpkin) guts, no glory!

Anyone? Not funny? Okay.

You can withhold love all you want, my friends, but come October 31st it will still be a blue moon on Samhain, pitty laughter or not! So brew a big batch of PSLs, witches, because it’s going to be a long night of casting and mayhem and Snickers and moon magick!

#Haven’tStartedInOnHalloweenCandy #NotOnSugarHigh #PinkyPromise

If my enthusiasm is somewhat off-putting annoying alarming, well just remember that 2020 as a whole has been like trying to pick up a turd by the clean end. Like you, I am 2020’d to the max so I either make myself laugh or toss myself off a bridge. And since I’m in New England where we favor the covered variety, I’ll stick to laughter. Who the hell wants to saw through a bridge before jumping off it? Amirite?

I believe we can all agree that Samhain on a blue moon feels like a little apology gift from the Universe. Chocolates included since it is Halloween. And since stress has been the theme of the year, why not embrace the magick of this Samhain blue moon and really live it up? After all, celebrating life is the best way to honor the dead.  

Below I’ve included a whole slew of BRAND NEW FREE goodies along with some beloved oldies to help you celebrate the best sabbat of The Wheel without abusing your wallet. I’m talking new rituals, brand new printables to help you decorate, and some of my favorite edible spells I’ve shared in the past. If you enjoy these freebies or just want to be part of the cool crowd, please consider supporting Penniless Pagan by purchasing a copy of my Halloween spell book Samhain Traditions, which has some very special spells and rituals not offered on this site. Every purchase keeps this blog alive and is very much appreciated!

Without further distractions, here are some low-cost and cost-free ways to get your Halloween on!

Remembrance Rituals

Through the Veil Paper Pumpkins

Cut out a pumpkin shape using black construction paper. Use a hole punch to poke holes into the paper. A sharp pencil will also work in a pinch. Each hole will represent the spirit of a transcended loved one you’d like to remember, so make as many holes as necessary. With a silver or white pen write one person’s name above each hole. When you are done, hang the paper pumpkin in a window that gets good moonlight. As the full moon rises on Samhain night take a moment to stand before the pumpkin and say, “You are remembered.” As the moon rises in the sky the silvery moonlight will illuminate your paper pumpkin, each hole shining in loving remembrance of a transcended soul!

Linked Together Paper Chain

Once again, break out the construction paper. Listen, I know it’s strange to be thirtysomething and still use construction paper regularly, but it’s affordable and the sound of scissors cutting through a fresh sheet just does it for me. Okay?

Cut strips of orange and black construction paper. On the black strips write the name of a transcended loved one. On the orange strips write any messages you wish to convey to them. Link them together with tape or staples, alternating black and orange. You can, of course, make extra links so you have enough chain to string around your room. Have fun with it! It’s okay to be a little silly, even if you’re sorely missing your deceased friends and family.

On Samhain night, take a few moments to read the names and messages aloud (or in your mind if uber self-conscious) and when you are done simply say, “You are remembered.”  

Ribbons in the Wind Ancestor Tree

Head outside and find a few smaller tree branches (twigs really) that will make a nice little tree decoration for your altar or table, something you can stick in a vase and hang ribbons from. Think: twig bouquet.

Now you’ll need to cut some ribbon. I recommend using orange ribbon and black ribbon, because it makes for a really beautiful display. But you can use whatever you fancy. Cut yourself several pieces of each, roughly 8-10 inches long. Using a black or silver marker, write the names of your transcended loved ones on the ribbon. One name to each ribbon (extra ribbon is fine for decoration purposes). When you are done, tie or hang each ribbon onto your ancestor tree. As you tie each ribbon on say aloud, “You are remembered.”

As an alternative you can simply tie the ribbons to a real tree outside, preferably an evergreen (representing the eternal nature of their souls).  

You Light Up My Life Mini Pumpkin Candles

Did you know mini pumpkins make amazing candle holders for tea lights? Simply carve out the top as you would cut into any pumpkin, scoop out any innards, and voila! Pumpkin tea light holder. Of course, that’s just a decoration, not a remembrance ritual. Soooo....

Use a permanent marker to write the name of a loved one across the outside of the pumpkin, one name to a pumpkin. As dusk falls on Samhain night, light your miniature pumpkin candles to honor their passing. As match touches wick say aloud (you guessed it!), “You are remembered.”

Free Printables

Note: The Penniless Pagan hippie chick is only displayed for web security. Click the link below for printable (and watermark free) version!

Click HERE to download and print your very own Pagan art. 

Edible Magick

If you're itching for more free ways to celebrate Samhain, check out this post. If you're really looking to up your Halloween game and wish to support the blog, treat yourself to a little seasonal magick with Samhain Traditions! Every purchase helps keep the blog stocked with freebies, so thank you very much! ♥

Hope you all have a candied apple, nougat filled, magickally inspired, hauntingly good blue moon Samhain! 

Happy Halloween, everyone! 

How will you be spending your blue moon Samhain?

 Looking for more ways to celebrate Samhain? Check out Samhain Traditions: 13 Simple & Affordable Halloween Spells & Rituals for the Witches' New Year! Every purchase helps keep alive and supplied with tons of free material, so thank you! ♥

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