10 Witchy Yule Gifts for Under $20

Since Yule is only a few weeks away, I decided to share some of my favorite witchy gifts with you. And because this is the Penniless Pagan, all suggestions are under $20*! So if you don't want to overspend and you're looking for witchy goodies, you've come to the right place! Best part? There's no need to risk getting trampled in a flash sale, because everything can be ordered from the comfort of your couch (which means pants are optional).

Ahhhh! Nothing says the Season of Giving like trampling a total stranger just to save $7 on the newest Xbox. The holidays, right?!

Brew yourself a cup of tea, turn on the holiday Netflix (I highly recommend 12 Dates of Christmas), and get your Yule shopping done without having to circle the lot sixteen times for a parking space! 

1. Chakra Candle Set-$16
There's nothing like a good chakra balancing! And while you don't need candles to do so, it can help add an extra layer of depth and cleansing. These candles are great because they're so versatile they can be used for anything from spell work to simply lending beauty and aroma to your home! And because everyone loves candles, they even make a great secret Santa gift! For the hippies among us (hear, hear!), they're made with essential oils. Yay for nature! 

I treated myself to this journal a few months ago and I LOVE it! I love the leather strap wrap-around. I love the charms attached to the woven leather binding. I love the tree of life imprinted on the front. The paper quality is great. Seriously, guys, $20 is a steal for this. And it comes in a variety of colors and images!

Since I purchased this online, I understood I might be getting a less-than-stellar product. But I was wrong! This would make an AWESOME Book of Shadows for your fellow Pagans, or a kick-ass journal for the writers in your life. I honestly love this journal so much I plan on purchasing a second for my herbal medicine notes. I mean, I'm getting excited over a JOURNAL here, folks! Trust me, it's awesome. 

3. Blessings Incense-$16

Now, before you think I must have completely lost my penniless mind to spend $16 on incense, let me tell you this is a box of TWELVE! As in, 12 gifts. Or 12 stocking stuffers. Or, if you're anything like me and have an unhealthy obsession with incense (and blessings...?) one super awesome gift of a year's supply of yummy, blessing-scented incense.

"WTF does a blessing smell like?" you ask.

Generally, I'd say puppy breath. But this particular blessing incense smells fantastic! It's floral yet earthy and not at all overpowering. You're talking to someone who gets migraines from perfumey scents, so I can assure you this is a wonderful balance of feminine and aromatic yet grounded and herbal. Unfortunately, Google doesn't have a scratch-and-sniff app yet, so you're just going to have to trust me on this one! It's my favorite incense, and I bet it will be yours too! 

4. Himalayan Salt Lamp-$20

Salt lamps don't just had tranquil ambiance to a room, they also help purify the air! I keep mine on my nightstand so I can read (Ahem...into the wee hours of the morning) without waking my husband or disrupting my own melatonin production. Their warm, fire-like light is perfect for creating a witchy ambiance for an altar or spell room! Love me a good salt lamp!

This book is great for those who like to cast in the kitchen since it's filled with the magickal properties of herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables... even honey and syrup! Scott Cunningham was a unique individual who loved encouraging people to explore their own innate power. He wrote many books on solitary witchcraft, and I highly recommend his work to people who are new to Paganism. 

6. Tiger's Eye Hamsa Hand Bracelet-$15

I love Etsy. You get to purchase really unique items while supporting people who are pursuing their passion. What's not to love? 

Recently, I started having a lot of trouble absorbing other people's energy. No matter how much I grounded or shielded myself I just couldn't keep myself from sucking up others' crappy moods (due to my own vulnerable state, but that's another story). So I decided to get a piece of jewelry worn just for shielding. 

This bracelet is beautiful! The tiger's eye is great for energy shielding, and you can select from the Tree of Life charm or the Hamsa Hand, which is what I chose. After cleansing, charging, and blessing, I've noticed a marked difference in my energy field when out in public. And if you keep an eye out, the seller often has 50% off coupons on her store page, which is how I got this gorgeous baby at a steal of a price! Check her out and support small business!

I talk more about it here, but Fairy Tarot Cards are my favorite tarot cards. They are perfect for beginners because they have the meanings already printed on them. And while they are upbeat, they WILL tell you if you need to get your act together. I've found them to be accurate, easy to use, and they're under $14. Score! 

If you'd like a more direct answer (think Magic 8 ball for the New Age), these Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards are amazing! I go into more detail here, but essentially I happened upon them and felt compelled to purchase them, which was surprising because I'm not much of a unicorn person. I've been using these for years, and have always found them to be uplifting and reassuring! And their art is gorgeous! 

9. White Sage Smudge Sticks-$8

Boy, do I love to smudge! I smudge myself. I smudge the house. I smudge the cat...when he's not looking. He gets pretty annoyed with me once he sees the smoke circling his head. These white sage smudge sticks come in a three pack for less than $8. That's a smoking deal!

...Did you see what I did there? Did you see it?

While you can purchase kits that include shells and feathers, I recommend using a bowl that's either personal to you or is something you already have. Of course, if you want a treat then by all means get a pretty bowl. You work hard. You deserve it. =D But if you're new to smudging and aren't sure where to start—all you need is some sage, a match, and a quick tutorial on how to smudge. No need to complicate things! ;)

Shameless plug? Yup! It keeps the blog running, so you have to cut me a little slack. ;) Give a gift that will keep them immersed in full moon magick all year long! Thirteen spells and rituals (enough to cover those super special blue moon years!) that are easy and affordable, as well as an herbal substitution guide, money-saving tips for spell supplies, advice on successful casting, and more! Available in e-book AND paperback!

Wishing you a Blessed Yule!

What's your favorite thing about Yule?

*Prices may change. Please note all items were under $20 at the time of this post. Some of the above links are affiliate links, which means I make a small percentage AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU. Affiliate links help keep PennilessPagan.com alive and supplied, so thank you!!♥

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Pinterest Gone Pagan: Pumpkin Pie Money Spell

It's almost Thanksgiving! At least in America. Which means us Yanks are baking and cooking and eating away. And in between all that gratitude and turkey, I'm guessing you're probably going to help yourself to a slice of pumpkin pie. Or sweet potato pie, which you could absolutely substitute for this Pinterest Gone Pagan spell.

...But just so you know, this is a pumpkin household, mmmkay?

Whew...I think my morning tea just kicked in. Feeling a touch feisty. It's English Breakfast, which I'm drinking out of a pumpkin mug. I wonder if England has American Breakfast tea. I doubt it. But if they did, I bet it would be doughnut flavored. Or bacon cheeseburger flavored. At the very least it would most definitely taste like freedom...which I think has subtle undertones of vanilla and bergamot?

There I go again. My apologies. It's the first truly chilly morning here in New Mexico, and all this fresh air has me and my cat feeling a little spunky. Don't hold it against us. We just spent the last six months in climate control. It's sort of like kids on the last day of school, so much pent up energy and we're not totally sure how to dispel it. Maybe I should break out the yarn. For me. For crocheting. The cat's terrible at crocheting. He always chews on his yarn, thus making his blankets smell like fish. It's quite off-putting.


Where were we?  Ahh, yes! Money! It's that time of year, the season where everyone seems to overspend in one form or another. But rather than focus on the budget being tight (which isn't a good place to concentrate your attention!), why not put that nutmeg-dusted pumpkin pie to use and conjure up a money spell? And since this pie is most likely shared among a group (though it's none of my business if you want to grab a fork and head on down to bloat town), this spell will have a positive effect on all those who indulge in your sweet, creamy treat! 

...Just going to leave that unintended double entendre there for you to do with it what you will.

I like The Kitchn's recipe for pumpkin pie (Here's the pin) because it uses individual spices rather than pre-made pumpkin pie spice mix. There's nothing wrong with using pre-made; your spell will manifest just fine. My qualm is simply because I already have those spices on hand and don't want to spend more money on a pre-made mixture. Which, if we're being honest, isn't really much of a qualm. 

The best part about this Pumpkin Pie Money Spell is that it's LOADED with money-magnetized ingredients! Pumpkin, cinnamon, & ginger are all money-attracting goodies. Milk, which represents fruitfulness, will also contribute abundance and wealth to your life. The eggs are a potent symbol of possibility and potential. And lastly the sugar, which represents the sweet aspects of life—the indulgences, the comforts, the icing-on-the-cake so to speak.

If you're using a pie crust— *overly analytical voice in head interrupts* 

Voice in head: What do you mean "if?"

Me: Well, I don't use pie crust.

Voice in head: Then what you have is pumpkin custard.

Me: What I have is tasty GOODNESS, but back to the spell...

If you're using a pie crust, take a moment to lightly score money symbols into the bottom of your crust. You could draw the standard $ symbol, but even just the words "wealth" and/or "abundance" work splendidly. As you sprinkle in the cinnamon and ginger into your filling, imagine it's money falling into your lap, heaping into a giant pile until it falls onto the floor because it's that abundant. As you crack open the eggs, picture opportunities opening before you (maybe in the form of a new job, more hours, or a new career adventure). While you pour the milk into the bowl, envision abundance flowing into your life just as freely as the milk cascades from the measuring cup. 

Lastly, before you take that first decadent, cinnamon-laced, creamy, pumpkin-y bite, remember to share a bit of gratitude. After all, it is Thanksgiving, and we have a lot to be thankful for. If you're looking for a simple Pagan blessing, check out this one I use daily:

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Blessings to you and yours! And if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving in November, then Happy 4th Week of November! ;)

What's your favorite holiday dessert? Do you weave magick into your holiday recipes?

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Paper Moon Blessings Spell

It's that time again—full moon time! Isn't it great being a Pagan? You get 8 Sabbats plus 12-13 full moons AND new moons. I mean, we party, like, every other week.

No wonder we are so cool and popular and everyone wants to hang out with us and wear their hair like we do and drive the same cars as us. =P

If you follow Jasmeine over at JasmeineMoonsong.com you may have already seen this spell from me since she was kind enough to host a guest post from yours truly. =D But since it's such a fun and simple spell, I wanted to share it again just in case you missed it! So grab a pencil and paper, put on your casting hat, and enjoy this easy yet powerful full moon spell!

What You'll Need:
-A sheet of paper
-A pen or pencil
-A piece of ribbon or string

How to Conjure:
-Cut your sheet of paper into a circle. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

-Using a pen, pencil, or marker, write your desires in a spiral pattern starting from the edge of the paper and circling toward the center (which will draw your needs to you). End your list of blessings with the phrase, “Three times three, I draw these to me!”
o  For example, if you’re looking for generalized blessings you may write things like, “Happiness… Health… Joy… Laughter…Creativity… Abundance… Strength… Courage…Three times three, I draw these to me!”
o  If you’re looking for something in particular, like a new job, you’ll want to write very specific characteristics of what you’re seeking. For example, “A new job that brings me a sense of fulfillment…that is within ten miles from my house…that pays me $18 an hour…that has friendly and welcoming co-workers…that has a supportive and understanding boss…Three times three, I draw these to me!”
o  Just make sure you stay positive! Instead of saying, “I don’t want a jerk for a boss.” Say something like, “I want a boss that is friendly and treats me with respect.” Remember, we attract what we project. If you want positivity, you have to THINK positively.

 -After you have your desires all written out, take your Paper Moon outside or by a moonlit window. Once you’re calm and centered, take a moment to imagine your spell manifesting. If you’re casting for a new job, imagine your first day at work. Envision your new co-workers welcoming you. Imagine what your desk looks like. What scents float through the room. Picture yourself happy and enjoying your new career. If you’re casting for generalized blessings, envision what each of those means to you. Picture yourself happy and healthy, feeling alert and strong. Imagine your family enjoying a belly laugh over dinner. Envision abundance freely and easily entering your life. 

-Holding the Paper Moon before you, say the following:

Lunar Goddess, full and bright;
Grant me these blessings I’ve conjured tonight.
With the power of the moon, gentle yet strong;
I ask you, dear Goddess, to hurry these along.
As I stand in your luminescence, I feel your power within me;
As I will it, So Mote It Be!

-Using string or ribbon, hang your Paper Moon in a moonlit window for three nights, taking a moment each night to envision your blessings manifesting. Once the third night is complete (as in the following morning), tuck away your Paper Moon somewhere safe where it won’t be disturbed. I often hide spells behind pictures. Just make sure the picture is of something and not someone or else you may put a spell on them!

That’s it! A mere fifteen minutes and you’ve got all sorts of blessings coming your way! Now slip into some PJs and queue up the Netflix! You earned it! ;)

If you’re interested in more full moon spells, check out my new book By the Light ofthe Moon: 13 Simple & Affordable Pagan Spells & Rituals for a Year ofFull Moon Celebrations. Every purchase helps keep this site alive and supplied with loads of free spells, rituals, natural altars, and natural living techniques! So, thank you! ♥

What's your favorite way to celebrate a full moon?

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Anxiety Release Spell

I once read that anxiety doesn't come from thinking about the future but from trying to control it. I believe this to be absolutely true.

Case in point: my recent trip to Phoenix.

My husband and I decided to take a short trip to Phoenix for a variety of reasons, not limited to our need for REAL desert. Not this scraggly plot of nothing that mocks me from just outside my window. I mean, not that there's any burnout or resentment going on here. Nope. Nada. After all, I do have a beautiful tree that hangs into my yard. All is well. BREATHE, I said! All is well! ;)

Whew, I think we hit a nerve there.

ANYWAY, knowing we'd be away for two days, we did what any pet owner would do and asked a trusted friend to watch our feline furbaby.

...and then I proceeded to spend the weeks leading up to the trip imagining the worst possible outcomes in my mind. I was raised by a worrier. This shit is in my blood. And while I've made strides in silencing that nagging Type A voice, nothing gets me more freaked out than thinking about something happening to my whisker-faced baby! But I needed to go to Phoenix. The trip wasn't just for pleasure; I needed to see my acupuncturist. Therefore, I had to let go. I had to relinquish my control.

Which gave me anxiety.

Which I didn't enjoy.

So I turned to magick, because that's where I find my solace. Well, that and nature. Hence my love for the aforementioned tree that hangs into my yard. I spend many-a-hours staring at that leafy blessing. *sigh* It's the little things, I tell you. You have to relish those little things. ;)

Below you'll find my Anxiety Release Spell. And you know what? It WORKED! Anytime a worry popped into my head, I reminded myself of the spell, took a deep breath, and trusted all would be well. And since my little fur bottom is sitting behind me as I write this, purring as he takes in the mild scents of a Southwestern fall, I know my anxiety was all for naught! And I did myself and my body a favor by releasing that crap to the Universe, knowing those infinite energies would handle the rest. 

Anxiety Release Spell

What You'll Need:
-A sheet of paper
-A pen or pencil
-A burning bowl or fire pit
-Matches or lighter

How to Conjure:

- On one side of the paper, write down what you're worried about. Don't concern yourself with messy handwriting or spelling. Just let that anxiety flow. For example, if you're anxious about giving a presentation at work you may write something like, "I'm worried my presentation will be a flop. I'm concerned I'll stutter and have difficulty finding words. I don't want my nerves to undermine my purpose."

-On the other side of the paper, write down the outcome you desire. Back to the presentation example, you may write, "I want the words to come to me easily, so I can present my point with confidence and clear communication. I want to be calm and centered. I want my presentation to be well received." 

- Fold the piece of paper as desired and take it outside to be burned. As always, please exercise caution when using fire. Have a fire extinguisher or water hose readily available. 

-Place the sheet of paper in the bowl. As you touch the match or lighter to the paper, say:

Universe, carry my worries into the sky;
In your hands it will be all right.

-Once the paper is completely burned, pour a good amount of water over the ashes and stir until all the embers are doused and the water is gray (or grey if you're in the UK ;D). Pour the mixture into the grass or soil, thus relinquishing your worries to nature!

You're all done! Now, anytime that fruitless anxiety creeps in, remind yourself that you released it into the Universe. Those concerns are no longer yours!

And remember, my fretful friend, all is well! Just breathe! ♥

Still having trouble letting go? Check out my post on anxiety journaling

What do you do to let go of stress?

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