5 Ways to Celebrate Beltane Without Spending a Dime

It's Beltane season, which means it's time to celebrate the Earth's abundance, fertility, and vitality! Metaphorically, this is when the God, who was born on Yule, has reached his manhood. And you know what that means?! Muscles!!

...I think I've been reading too many romance novels. =S

The Goddess and God are celebrating their fertility, as is the nature around us! Flowers are blooming. Birds are nesting. Grass is lush and green. The trees are offering welcomed shade from the warm sun. Summer is upon us, and life is good.

Unless your summers mean 100*+ temperatures. But this is also my last full summer here in New Mexico....less than 500 days if anyone's counting...so I'm game. You hear me, August?! You don't scare me! 

If you're looking to decorate your home or circle, flowers and greenery are highly appropriate. Better yet, celebrate in the woods! If you enjoy dancing around a May pole, well...first off please let me know. Because as commonly referenced as these are, I've never met a person who's done it. But May pole dancing is a wonderfully phallic way to celebrate the God, where as cauldrons and flower pots are a fine representation of the Goddess and all her womb-liness.

For a Beltane feast, think anything fresh and vibrant— spring greens, fresh fruit, savory herbs, and even dairy to name a few.

Beltane colors are similar to Ostara—greens, yellows, blues, and pinks. Pretty much anything you see in a meadow or a maxi pad commercial.

...Are maxi pad commercials still done in meadows? I don't watch much T.V.

Looking to celebrate this fine May Day without spending a dime? Let me offer a few ideas!

Create in nature
Beltane is a time of creation, which doesn't necessarily have to mean offspring. Celebrate this Sabbat by getting artistic in nature. Whether you're painting, drawing, writing, or singing, get in touch with your creativity in the fresh air!

Bake with honey
When I think of thriving nature, I think of bees. Not only do they pollinate, which we all know is so vitally important, but they make that luscious nectar we call honey! Buy local and raw if you can, which will help combat environmental allergies, then bake yourself a honey cake! Yum yum! 

Have sex
Bet that got your attention! While there are many interpretations of Beltane, this Sabbat is generally regarded as a celebration of the fertility and vitality that has returned to nature, as well as the virility of the God.

Why not celebrate fertility with fertility? Of course, if you're not looking to procreate, take precautions. Because I don't babysit. You've been warned.

Pick wildflowers
If you've read any of my other "without spending a dime" posts, you know I push time in nature for Sabbats. Today is no different. Pick some wildflowers for a lovely Beltane bouquet. No wildflowers? Plant some! You can usually find wildflower seed packets for an affordable price at hardware stores or nurseries. Sprinkle them in your yard or flower pot, water, and await the impending blooms and thriving, fertile honey bees!

Make a wish and toss a pebble
Beltane isn't just about fertility, it's about possibility! It's the halfway mark between spring and summer. The Wheel is turning! New growth is around us! Celebrate opportunity by making a wish and casting a stone. Don't have a stream, pond, or ocean near by? Make your own! Check out my Dream Drop Wishing Well Spell that can easily be converted for Beltane! 

Happy Beltane, everyone! May all your wishes come true, your sex life be spicy, and your garden overflowing with flowers! 🌷

What's your favorite way to celebrate Beltane?

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Door Protection Spell Bags

If you haven't heard, I recently moved into a new home at the beginning of the year. One of the first things I did, after unpacking the tea kettle and a bucket of Dorian Grey, was to secure the home with Door Protection Spell Bags after a good smudging and blessing.

I'm fiercely protective of my home, which is something that stems from my childhood. When you've lived in a volatile house with a step-parent that gives a whole new meaning to "human garbage," you tend to get a bit defensive.

Whew...got a little dark there. Puppies! Butterflies! Fields of daisies!

Everybody in a good place again? Good!

As trite as it may be, your home should be a refuge to all the gunk of the outside world. It should be a sanctuary where you kick off your shoes, take off your bra umm...wear sweatpants, and feel completely at peace and safe. So whenever I move into a new house I make sure to clean out the old energy, imbue some good vibes, and protect my new haven. 

If you were to walk through my home, preferably during the day and without a ski mask, you'll notice little charm bags hanging from the door handles. As the years pass, the herbs settle and the bags get a little more worn, but I leave them be, knowing they were set in place with good intentions and the power of the Goddess and God. I use a fresh set for every house, disposing of the old in a respectful manner. 

Now before we begin, I'll point out that I have a small fixation with pouches and sachets. I just think they're neat.  Plus, you can usually purchase a bundle for a good price. Even the earth-friendly muslin bags are affordable. It's common for jewelry or cosmetic sellers to use these bags for their products, so I tend to have a few on hand from online purchases. Yay for recycling!

Of course, you can always reuse scrap fabric and make your own pouches! What nature-lover doesn't appreciate a good re-purpose?! ;) I especially enjoy using scrap fabric pouches if it's a spell that's out of sight, like under a car seat. No sewing skills required! Simply bunch up the fabric around your herbs and tie it with a ribbon. Easy-peasy. 

Please remember, magick cannot work unless we give it a pathway. Therefore, you can't leave the doors open, the windows unlocked, and a trail of Oreos to your front door and expect no one to enter. Take precautions, but know the Universe is working in your favor!

Now on to casting!

What You'll Need:

A hefty pinch of each dried herb:

Rosemary (I left mine on the branch)
Sage (Save any loose bits that fall out of smudge sticks!)
Rose petals 
A special rock* or gemstone (Tiger's eye is suitable)
A pouch or swatch of fabric 

*Note: I use red rocks gathered from Sedona, AZ. You can use whatever resonates with you. If you don't already, collect any stones that stand out to you for later spell use!
** Dill will usually fall out of the mesh bags. I recommend including this only if you're using muslin pouches. You can also pin a fresh sprig of dill above your door for protection! (It will dry over time.)

How to Cast:

While concentrating on feelings of peace and security, add the herbs and stone to the sachet in any order. 

When done, draw the pouch closed or tie with a ribbon. Red, blue, or purple are great for protection, but you can use whatever you have on hand.

Standing before the door to which you will affix your spell bag, hold the bag in your palms and imagine roots growing out of your feet, through the flooring, and burying themselves deep in the earth. Now envision a golden light spreading up through those roots, into your body, out your palms, and infusing the spell bag. 

When you feel the bag is nice and charged, tie the spell to the inside door handle with three knots. 

As you tie each knot, say the following:

This home is safe. (first knot)
This home is protected. (second knot)
This home is secure. (third knot)

Turn your palms toward the bag and envision a protective barrier over your entire home, as if your home were built inside a dome. Then say:

With the energy of the earth,
This home is safe.
This home is protected.
This home is secure.
So Mote it Be!

Now doesn't that feel all warm and cozy? Bear in mind you just tapped into the Earth's energy, so either filter your thoughts (always a good practice), or ensure that you don't unintentionally manifest something unbecoming by stating positive intentions. You can do so by saying:

The power of the Earth flows through me for the good of all Its creatures. Only good shall manifest from this sacred energy.

This way if you get riled up by The Bachelor, you don't have to worry about accidentally manifesting a broken stiletto. =D

What's your favorite way to protect your home? Have you ever performed a house blessing for a friend? 

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