The Witch's Guide to Litha

Summer is such a magical time of year. As the days stretch long into the evenings and fireflies light the ebony sky, the warm balmy nights of summer hold a sense that anything is possible, that any dream can be achieved, and that opportunities are limitless. 

Well, that's because they ARE!

The vitality that imbues those sultry afternoons and mild summer nights is not imagined. Litha, the summer solstice, is a peak time of magick and power among nature. The sabbat is literally called the sabbat of "great magickal power." The explanation is simple! Mother Nature (Goddess) is in her prime, bearing fruits with fertility to spare. The sun (God) is exercising his ferocity as well, reaching his peak strength on the solstice—the longest day of the year. Just as nature and sky alike buzz with fortitude and vigor, you too are at a heightened stage of magickal ability. So use that wealth of power, playboy! 

Celebrated between June 20-22, the summer solstice (often called Litha) is the longest day of the year. After today, the sunrise and sunset will occur a bit earlier each day (by about a minute per day) as darkness slowly begins to overtake and the vitality of nature subtly wanes toward fall.

But don't worry, you've still got plenty of time to enjoy that wavy beach hair and flip flops, so don't put those jorts away quite yet!

Litha is seen as a potent time to cast, as well as a time to encourage purification, protection, health (for that coming winter), and love. The colors of this hot sabbat are borrowed from the lush bounty of nature. Bright red, yellow, orange (God) and green (goddess) are all appropriate colors for midsummer festivities. But since any and all flowers are perfect for a Litha altar, I'd dare to say any bright and vibrant color is well suited for celebration! Need some inspiration? Check out this natural Litha altar that uses lemons and oranges to honor the sun! 

Fresh fruits and vegetables, breads and cookies in the shape of the sun, lemons, oranges, and spicy foods are wonderful additions to a Litha feast. Looking to cast a spell and celebrate? Why not try a Simply Sweet Love Spell to put a little romance in your Litha? 

Dreams are more lucid on Litha due to the strong energies coming from earth and sky. Why not use this night to whip up a batch of Dream See Pillow Spray Spell to see what your future holds! 

In need of a little purification? Try this Energy-Cleansing Chicken Piccata to get your energetic housecleaning on! With lemons representing the sun, this is a perfect dish to serve at your Litha feast. Dinner and a clean aura? Who doesn't love a double duty spell?! 

If that electricity bill is leaving the coffers a bit dry (I could kiss whoever invented air conditioning!), then I have good news for you! Save the nickels for the ice cream truck, my friend, because I've got ten simple ways for you to honor the longest day of the year without spending a dime! 

Embrace the carefree, bountiful, sprightly energy of summer, my Pagan compadres! Sip some lemonade by the pool. Have a bonfire. Or simply take a stroll with your favorite someone and collect wildflowers. Whatever you do, enjoy this season of abundant beauty, and don't forget to leave a little offering of gratitude for the maiden Goddess and virile God. 

Happy Litha! ☀️

What's your favorite way to celebrate Litha?

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