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The Magick of a Blue Moon

2020 NOTATION: The next blue moon will be on October 31st. Oh, you heard me right. Samhain is a blue moon this year! ♥

2018 is going to be a magical year (and not just because I'm leaving New Mexico!).

2018 boasts not one but TWO blue moons in the first quarter. If you're keeping track, this hasn't happened since we partied like it was 1999. 

Does anyone else smell Curve? Does that perfume still exist? Thirteen-year-old Michaela lived for Curve. And Hanson. And silver hair mascara. The Hanson adoration lives on (Stop rolling your eyes. They really are talented!). The perfume and hair dye, not so much.

In case you're unfamiliar, a blue moon is when two full moons occur within the same calendar month. This astrological treat takes place roughly once every two and a half years. 2018 is really special because I'm getting the hell out of the desert there will be TWO blue moons—January and March (both on the 31st). Two blue moons in the same year happens about four times a century, which means we'd be lucky to experience this four times in our life!

....and I'm about to experience my second? Please hold while I have an existential crisis.

The next time we'll encounter a double-blue-moon year will be 2037, which isn't even a real year. I mean, seriously? Twenty thirty-seven?? Have you seen how technology has changed in the last decade?! People will be cyborgs by then...

A blue moon can also mean the third full moon when four occur within a season, but that definition seems to be waning in popularity.

Ha, moon humor.

Aside from the normal heightened feminine energy of a full moon, a blue moon can represent second chances, reminding us to embrace them while we have them. After all, rarely in life do we get a second go at an important opportunity. This is also a highly magickal time where our connection to the Divine is strengthened as we bear witness to an infrequent celestial event. Now is a moment to connect with spiritual energies (our own and others), embrace heightened intuition, and (of course!) practice magick. 

To help you with your blue moon conjurings, I've complied a list of moon-focused spells as well as a few others to assist you in celebrating this sacred event with simplicity! 

If you're seeking a little abundance, try these helpful spells!

If you're in need of some blessings, cast these bad boys!

Need to remove some funky energy? These will do the trick!

Protection isn't just for the bedroom! ;)

In need of some balance? Whip up a batch of this thirst-quenching moon tea!

Looking for more ways to satisfy your lunar desires? Check out By the Light of the Moon: 13 Simple & Affordable Pagan Spells & Rituals for a Year of Full Moon Celebrations. Every purchase helps keep the blog supplied with loads of free resources, so thank you for your support! ♥

Now that you're all spelled-up, don't forget to mark your calendars for the 31st of January AND March to celebrate the magick of two blue moons in 2018!

...There will be no need to notate when I'm leaving New Mexico since I will be sending a slice of chocolate cake to every person in America. Due to the rising cost of postage, all cake will be delivered in standard letter-sized envelopes. Therefore, I cannot guarantee the condition of said cake upon arrival. 

If you live outside the United States, don't feel left out. The cake is gluten-free anyway, so you're not missing much.

Enjoy your double blue moons, everyone! And don't forget to bookmark this post for the next double blue moon in 2037, when autonomous cars have taken over the world and our sole hope of salvation is Will Smith and his bionic arm. 

Do you have special plans for the double blue moons of 2018?

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  1. I still love Hanson too. You aren't alone.

  2. Gurl! I was wearing Happy and my boyfriend bought me some for Christmas. So many memories came flooding back. I was into Nsync during this time...and Blink 182. Very different, I know. I'm excited about the upcoming blue moon...not to mention it is also a lunar eclipse. Woot woot!

    1. Ha! I was just listening to some Blink 182 this weekend. I totally get it on the weird musical tastes. Brand New and Silverchair CDs sat alongside Nsync and Vanessa Carlton in my bedroom. Totally oddball selection.

      I forgot to mention the lunar eclipse! Thanks for reminding me. So many exciting astrological events in 2018! Crank the Nsync, Willow, and enjoy those lunar energies! =P

  3. I can still see that bottle of Curve. I may have dabbled a little with the CK One in those days, too ��

    1. Ah, CK One! I smelled it (in memory) as soon as I read your comment. Now I miss the 90s! =P

  4. I was on the hunt for a blue moon ritual, and Pinterest led me to your post. Three paragraphs in, I learn you also love Hanson? You just earned a new reader for life! :)

    1. Hahaha! This got a good laugh. Thanks for that! Listen, Hanson fans are alllllways welcomed here! =D Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to comment (and for having exceptional taste in music!).

  5. Oh, Darling, you had me giggling at a few of your comments. ;) Thanks for the post.

  6. I am loving this blog and your great sense of humor. Just had to brag a bit, January 31st is my birthday so this blue moon is going to be very special to me!

    1. Why thank you! Happy Birthday to you!! What a special one this will be for you. Make sure to really relish the day, my friend! ♥♥

  7. I was searching for some ritual ideas since we are so lucky to have all this lunar activity to partake in and I came across yours. So glad I did :) Oh my gosh! You are too funny. I had the perfumes and the music. I'm with ya ladies!!! Blessed it be.

    1. So glad you found the site! Hope you have a wonderful blue moon! =D

  8. Thank you for the spell links, I'll check them out for the next full moon. :) I liked Hanson too, my favourite was Taylor! I had a look at the video you linked to but they're all blocked in the UK. For copyright I suppose? Annoying! lol. I'll try searching for other videos later.

    1. Hm, that's odd. I purposely accessed the video through their official YouTube site, but it looks like it may have been uploaded by a third party. Very strange since, again, I'm looking at it right now on their official YouTube page. Regardless, I updated the link with a live version of the same song that was published by the official handle, so it should work now! Thanks for pointing that out! =D

      Wasn't Taylor everyone's favorite?! =P

    2. It's working now, thank you. :)

      Yes, probably most people's! lol.


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